Made in the Philippines, paddled by Filipinos

Unfortunately, it’s not very often that the factory workers who make the adventure gear we so covet actually get to use it themselves. TRAK Director, Nolin Veillard, doesn’t think this makes sense, “We make seaworthy portable kayaks designed to give everyone access to adventures they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. So why shouldn’t this apply to the dedicated people who actually make them?”

On a recent trip to their factory in the Philippines (the same factory that produces gear for Camelbak, Patagonia and lots of the other big boys), Nolin took the factory team out paddling yet again. The last time was in 2013, and now it was time to take this idea to another level.

One sunny Sunday, Nolin and a group of TRAK factory employees took to the water to experience a TRAK kayak in its native environment. Their feelings were clear in the smiles and laughter shared among the team that day. As with most TRAKers, they were hooked at first paddle. By the end of the day one thing was obvious: This may have been the first time in a touring kayak for some of these workers, but it definitely won’t be the last.


In the end, it wasn’t just the TRAK production team that was inspired. Nolin left feeling eager to make changes. Born from this trip was the beginning of the TRAK Philippines Kayaking Club. To encourage staff to take their work home with them, a small fleet of TRAK kayaks will be made available to the factory team, able to be checked out by those recently bitten by the kayaking bug. They are expected to be some of the most well-loved TRAK kayaks ever produced.

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