10 YEARS OF TRAK: In the last decade, TRAK owners have been everywhere, man.


TRAK owners have been quietly seeing—and changing—the world for the last 10 years. TRAKs are the most durable and most seaworthy portable kayaks on the market and you’ve been helping us prove it. You’ve been out there getting places you might not have been able to get to otherwise. And experiencing things you may not have otherwise experienced. You’ve been changing our sport and you’ve been unleashing your life.

Now it’s time to be less quiet about it—it’s time to CELEBRATE it!

We believe TRAKers have been more places with their TRAKs than are listed in the song, I’ve been Everywhere. Help us demonstrate that, and you could be in our 10 years of #TRAKeverywhere music video.

What we need from you:

  1. Video footage of you looking into the camera and stating where you are/have been with your TRAK. The more specific, the better. Ie. Instead of Alaska, say Chinitna Bay.
  2. Try to get some lovely scenery in the background, and, of course, your TRAK in the foreground (either in the bag or set up).
  3. Then just post it wherever you like to post stuff—but be sure to hashtag it #TRAKeverywhere, so we can find it.

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