While water is such an essential part the human experience, very few people really experience water and many people have a fear of water and its power. Being in a kayak is an intimate exchange with nature.

Being in a kayak is an intimate exchange with nature.

Beyond that, really getting the experience at a core level is that feeling that you are part of it, not separate from it. We know that our membraned skin-on-frame kayaks allow paddlers to really feel the water, sense its energy, and become one with it. This embraces the origin of the kayak, back to the earliest known kayaks on the planet…the seal skin on whale bone kayaks built and paddled by the northern indigenous peoples to hunt and navigate the cold sub-arctic waters of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland. TRAK kayaks are designed to emulate these kayaks using the most modern materials and technologies.

We understand that this experience of being one with your environment is symbolic with life. We see that fear is simply a feeling of not being part of our surroundings or seeing something as unknown.

Our mission is to give people opportunities to acknowledge these fears and trepidations, and push past it, and be brave and build their skills and confidence.

Our job is to provide products and experiences that leave you joyful, connected and inspired. We call this core purpose “Life Unleashed”.

What does “Life Unleashed” mean? We are committed to a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a life that’s free of restraints, to operate in accordance with their own truth and to be able to live a life that inspires them. For each of us, this is likely very different, and is an ongoing journey.      

What does a life unleashed look like? It is a magical, almost indescribable feeling. Living unleashed is an outrageous, limitless, uncompromising, full-on way of living life. You will be present to the “NOW”. When you are engaged in some activity, you experience the feeling that time stops. That’s life unleashed. When you are actively fulfilling your dreams, that’s life unleashed. It is most simply the experience of being very real and fully alive.