By Amy O’Connor. All images ©2017 Ray Wheeler and Amy O’Connor used by permission.

Large swells were rolling at me from my right, having crossed a 200 mile reach of the Mediterranean Sea between Lybia and the southern coast of Crete. Choppy reflection waves came at me from the left, rebounding off multi-hewed, jagged cliffs. And a quartering tail wind pushed a third set of wind waves diagonally across my course, continually pushing my bow to the right. My husband Ray and I were paddling with all our might towards the tiny town...

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TRAK Kayaks World Paddle Award

We are very proud to announce that we have been nominated for an award at the prestigious World Paddle Awards in the 'Industry Professional' category.

The winner is decided partly by a committee and partly by a public vote. If you appreciate the innovative aspects of TRAK portable performance kayaks and what we've done over the past 10 years, please vote for us and help us win! It will only take you a few seconds.  Just click here – or on the photo above – and...

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For 10 years now, TRAK, its paddlers and ambassador "Pilots" have been embarking on a quiet revolution. A revolution to show the world of paddlers that a kayak can be tough, durable, fast—and portable. The leaders of growing that revolution will be our TRAK Pilots. They’re like our Che, Karl or Frida. It’s the time of year when we’re looking for a few more around the world.

So what does a TRAK Pilot do and do you have what it takes to become one? Pilots help make TRAK more widely available around the world. They help with our sales...

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Established in 2006, we are so proud to be celebrating 10 years of TRAK. In June we put out a call to our TRAK owners to send us their video footage from their adventures wherever their TRAK kayaks had taken them.

We received footage from all over the globe. The result, the broadest ranging kayaking video ever, with footage from over 15 countries and in situations I am sure all of us would love to be in.

Due to their true portability, robust design and seaworthy nature, TRAK kayaks enable...

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I felt compelled to write about the TRAK Owner’s Retreat we hosted in the Canadian Rockies in August. This was the first of its kind, hosted by TRAK. Many TRAK owners have come together in the past, planned trips, and gone out on small outings, all the way to more than week-long trips in far-off, dreamed-up voyages all over the world. But this was the first time (and not the last) that we will host Owner’s Retreats. It is an opportunity for us to showcase the stunning backyard we call home, and bring together great people we...

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TRAK it Easy

September 09, 2016


Nervous, unsure, and scared- yet, somehow still excited is how I felt heading down Highway 2 for the TRAK Retreat in Canmore, Alberta. I had never been kayaking before, but was anxious to try out a TRAK. (Let’s be honest though, I also look for any excuse to head out to the mountains.)

I arrived by bus, which was an easy and convenient way to travel with my TRAK, even getting priority boarding. Instead of staying alone in a hotel, I was hosted for the weekend by a long time TRAK user. We became instant friends and she was able to teach me some basic kayaking tips to calm my nerves.

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“Are you bulls***ing me? I drove right over it… I drove right over the back, over the top, turned the wheel and backed right over it…”
— Dennis, Paron Autobody

What do you do with a kayak that’s just been run over by a truck? Well, the first thing we did at TRAK is thank the neighbour who drove over it. Then we sent it off to get reviewed by Adventure Kayak magazine:

“A week later, #2535 arrives on my doorstep… It looks brand new....

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Like great rivers, great stories always start as headstreams somewhere, cascade down mountains, meander through valleys, then braid and unite into a single channel that builds up momentum to join the ocean of our collective history. Here at TRAK, looking back this August, we’re celebrating 10 years of a story about perseverance and paddlers, about our people and products. What we’re most proud of is that along the way we created a vehicle to unleash life, for the adventurous hearts to follow their bucket list dreams, for the new explorers to seek uncharted waters around the world...

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Think of a bucket list of paddling destinations as the operating manual for #TRAKeverywhere. It’s music to our ears here at TRAK. It’s the sound of life unleashing and not letting anything get in the way of paddling anywhere! We like to think that the one essential piece of paddle adventure gear is (sounds obvious but it isn’t)… the kayak. Not only because it’s tough (pick-up truck proof!) but because it’s got that combination of portability and performance, you can finally count on for a dream adventure without compromise.


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TRAK owners have been quietly seeing—and changing—the world for the last 10 years. TRAKs are the most durable and most seaworthy portable kayaks on the market and you’ve been helping us prove it. You’ve been out there getting places you might not have been able to get to otherwise. And experiencing things you may not have otherwise experienced. You’ve been changing our sport and you’ve been unleashing your life.

Now it’s time to be less quiet about it—it’s time to CELEBRATE it!

We believe TRAKers have been more places...

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