Our team at TRAK HQ is profiled below. Our extended family includes members of a global Adventure Team that love to test the limits of our kayaks, provide us ongoing product feedback and feed us stories of their adventures. Many of the professional videos and still images you find on our website are original contributions from this team!


The TRAK Team

Nolin Veillard

Founder and Managing Director

Nolin’s passion for TRAK has spanned more than a decade. He has pursued the company’s success relentlessly, including being a core part of the group that refined a hand-built prototype into a shape-shifting kayak that can now be found across the globe. Nolin has navigated challenges along the way with the support of his amazing young family and team. Coming from a more “conventional” career as a Chartered Accountant, his commitment to TRAK stems from a strong feeling of gratitude for being behind a product that gives our customers a series of adventures that may not have been possible for them before. He is delighted to be leading the charge for TRAK 2.0.

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Nicholas Jones

Marketing and Brand Support

Nicholas engaged the company in 2008 after a sacred adventure paddling Lake Titicaca, Peru, with a TRAK group. As our marketing strategist, he brings top-level innovation, strategic thinking and creative energy to our branding and communication. A practitioner of ancient shamanic principles, his approach is based on building integrity, balance and flow. He brings 20 years of experience in a toolkit with a coaching foundation. As an entrepreneur, investor and business owner since 1980 he has formed and managed a multitude of companies and projects, from architectural design, commercial art, health and wellness, training and education.

Lloyd Penner

Product Development Manager

In 2010, Lloyd started consulting to TRAK and has since proven to be instrumental in all aspects of product design and manufacturing support. Lloyd loves to create, launching a career as a machinist and supporter of inventors getting their products to market. His faith, family and love of creation provide him with the stability he needs, so he can seek ways to make TRAK products more dependable. His aim is to help deliver products that function seamlessly and behind the scenes, freeing our customers to immerse themselves fully in the amazing experience that’s possible in a TRAK.

Jason Guindon

Operations Manager and TRAK Pilot Program Leader

When Jason first walked through the door of TRAK in 2015, we knew he had the makings of a strong TRAK team member. He brings a powerful trio of strengths to TRAK everyday; an accountable and service oriented mentality, intelligence, and youthful perspective and acumen. Jason is responsible for TRAK operations, and has taken on the lead role with the TRAK Pilot / Owner Ambassador program. He has a thirst for music, authentic travel, outdoor pursuits, including kayaking of course!

Jaime Sharp

TRAK Pilot, Adventure Team and Media

Since joining us in 2010, Jaime’s been testing our products and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible with a TRAK. He’s paddled his TRAK in more than a dozen countries, while filming and creating The TRAK Files video series. Recently, Jaime has been a key player in establishing the vision for TRAK 2.0. He has worked as an adventure guide in several countries including Panama, Belize, Norway and Canada, using sea kayaks to explore the wilderness. Jaime grew up in New Zealand and enjoys meeting adventurers around the world. A great speaker and storyteller, he’s contributed remarkable original media and stories of unleashed paddling adventures. Jaime is excited to continue to push the TRAK 2.0 to its limits!

Gion Bezzola

TRAK Elder

Gion shared an epiphany and a mutual admiration with Nolin, when he first walked into TRAK in 2006. His early involvement was pivotal, developing a unique hiring process that built our original factory team. Gion launched a 23 year career in the RCMP becoming a pioneer for community policing. He obtained a Masters in Education at age fifty during his second career at the University of Saskatchewan. He is keenly interested in first nations cultures, fitness and holistic nutrition, and loves to cook for his friends. From time to time, he still practices his “soulcraft” readying kayaks in the warehouse, always holding the space for TRAK’s place in the world.


Our Adventure Team 

Jaime Sharp


Jaime was born in Christchurch New Zealand, to a South African father and New Zealand mother. International travel has been in his blood – from the moment he could walk it has been about adventure, nature and finding his own way through life. His father’s stories of working in the wilds of Namibia, Africa, instilled a passion for experiencing the wild places on earth, and the even wilder animals that live there. Jaime has now become a Guide, Instructor, Photographer and Film Maker, and all these skills create a wonderful foundation to explore and share the world.

An avid whitewater kayaker, turned pro sea kayak and wilderness guide, he has worked and paddled in amazing places around the world, including paddling Class 3-5 rapids on rivers in New Zealand, Canada, and Norway, canoe tripping up tropical rivers in Belize and the lake regions of British Columbia. He now predominately sea kayaks, both for work as a guide and for play, all of which has led him to paddle the salty waters of Western Canada and the USA, New Zealand, Croatia, Norway, Belize, Panama, Thailand, and the UK. In 2013, Jaime ran the Grand Canyon on the powerful Colorado River by sea kayak and TRAK portable kayak. Jaime has lead many groups on paddling adventures in some of the worlds most stunning countries.


Roberto and Cherine (Bella): The Expeditioners


Adventure photographers Roberto and Bella are a husband and wife duo that explores the world in a way few ever do. And they love to document it all. They’ve documented paddling their TRAK kayaks in extreme conditions from Mexico to Iceland, Greenland and northern Quebec, Canada.

They’re a Social Media Lifestyle Concept, reaching over 800,000 people from around the world, per week. The more they travel, the more people there are that follow their adventures. So they’ve decided to keep traveling, exploring, living. They love the outdoors, sports, adventure, exploration, luxury, gear and food. And they love photographing it all. But most importantly, they love sharing it with a global audience.


Peter Schödl and Nathalie Marik


This adventure couple is from Austria, where they specialize in expedition, sports and nutrition medicine. The spirit of travel lives on in their daily life. As they see it, we can't always outrun our daily routines, but it is possible to do them with a smile on our face, especially when we know that there is a bigger goal ahead. They work and train for the next adventure. That´s what feeds their adventurous minds. That´s how they keep their edge.

 Peter and Nathalie have paddled their TRAK kayaks since 2010 on major expeditions that included circumnavigating Zanzibar, Tanzania, exploring Palawan, Philippines, and most recently around icebergs in Greenland. Other paddling destinations have included Scotland, Cornwall, Mauritius, and Croatia. "Every sea kayaking trip has its special moments. We try to get the most out of every journey. Every destination has its hidden secrets. And they reveal their beauty sometimes when we are tired and exhausted after a long day paddling in rough sea. Then we know the reason why we do all that it takes."


Julien Burellier

Julien has been an expedition paddler and professional sea kayak guide and instructor since 1998. Over the past few years he became an expert and specialist in portable kayaks. He has run his own touring business from France for the past decade. 

 His passion is to share sea kayak touring as an activity accessible by everyone, which allows the discovery of new places, magnificent scenery whilst guided by the silent rhythm of the paddle. Julien has kayaked the Andaman, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas, Palawan in the Philippines, SE Asia, and has now paddled his TRAK kayaks in France and in the Republic of Oman. In winter, you'll find him on the ski hills and the rest of the year on the water, or building his new house with his family in the Côte d’Azur.