Control Seat with Adjustable Back Band

Our seat creates the same feel and level of comfort as other performance touring kayak seats, with the addition of a comfortable and functional back band system. It also has ample padding, and can be customized with outfitting accessories like the adjustable hip pads. The seat back band system is adjustable for height, but at maximum sits at approximately the same height as the coaming, providing enough clearance for layback rolls.

Keder Storage System

The closure system in the TRAK uses a keder solution to make it watertight and make gear accessible. The entire back deck of the kayak opens up by sliding the keder back. It is like a zipper but more robust and simple. The kayak comes with two gear floatation bags that work as both floatation in the bow and stern of the kayak as well as acting as waterproof dry bags. Simply load your gear in the gear floatation bag and inflate the remaining space in the bag with air. You can load the bags through the cockpit easily. The stern bag can be loaded through the open keder at the back or through the cockpit before inserting the seat. The gear floatation bags are the same size, but one can be reduced in size by rolling it down further from the top, like a typical dry bag.

Safety Features

First and foremost is the watertight design of the TRAK; with watertight seals around the coaming and with the keder, you can be sure to keep water ingress from happening when in sporty conditions or during advanced maneuvers. Secondly, the TRAK 2.0 comes with two standard gear floatation bags, that act as secondary buoyancy and displacement. There is also a sea sock that is optional but recommended in solo journeys and when in rough water environments. The sea sock prevent water from entering the open structure of the kayak, keeping water in the cockpit area, in the case of capsize.

Lastly, the TRAK 2.0 comes with a full perimeter, reflective deck line. This feature is necessary in rescue situations, allowing the paddler to grab the line anywhere, to allow a proper rescue and recovery. The reflective line is helpful in night time scenarios or busy marinas and ports.