From our Paddlesports Study, we realize that paddlers wanted a touring kayak to be “tourable”, anywhere on the planet. As paddlers become more mobile, they need a kayak they can take with them; either across town, around their country, or to a bucket list travel destination or body of water they’ve always wanted to paddle.


If you feel limited in this way by a hardshell kayak, why not own a kayak you can take with you anywhere, and that you can trust?


And the TRAK 2.0 fits where you need it to: in your car, on your sailboat, in your RV, in your condo, on your back, on a train, or on a plane. If you want to show it off or just conveniently get it around some local spots, you can transport the TRAK set-up on a roof rack. You can treat it like a hardshell and just pack it up when you need to.

Travel Bag Options

This 60 Litre Drybag Backpack is perfect for keeping your gear dry and traveling on the go and in the water.  


The result?

The result?  It goes wherever the journey takes you. Imagine the possibilities!