Blue Friday


On Black Friday we are connecting with water and we're turning Black Friday into #BlueFriday


In 2023, we close our online store on Friday, November 24th, and are giving our global team and paddlers the day to go out and enjoy nature on or near their local waterways to kickstart a year of focus and action to make a difference for our own vitality, mental health and to protect and conserve what we love. Celebrating 5 years of #BlueFriday


We are taking a stand against mass consumerism, which has led to the overuse of plastic, which ultimately ends up in our oceans and landfills. This mass clutter also affects our mental state. We believe that we need to return to our roots, and that reconnecting with water is a conduit to vitality.


Water is life. We are made of over 70% water, and Earth is covered by about the same amount. It’s the lifeblood of our bodies and our planet. Spending time on, in, or around water is therapeutic. On #BlueFriday, we encourage people to spend time around water. Go for a paddle, walk along a beach or a river, have a bath, or just find a place to swim or soak in nature. It turns out there are deeper reasons for the therapeutic benefits of water, and a lot to unpack. To learn more about this, watch our Wellness = Water series, where we unpack the dimensions of water that have everything to do with our vitality and wellbeing.


On top of improving one’s own wellness and vitality, we believe that people connected to water will be the water keepers - the humans that care for and are the stewards of our waterways. Let’s enjoy our connection with water this November 27th, and always.


Stop the madness, break free, and enjoy being on, in or near water for #BlueFriday