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The seaworthy portable kayak. 12 years of going on every ocean, every condition.
Durable military-grade polyurethane. Packs or unpacks in 10 minutes.
Free shipping in North America. All products except the TRAK 2.0 Ship Worldwide within 7 days.

For the 2018 TRAK 2.0 | the Ultimate Touring Kayak, you can pre-order with a deposit of US$1,650, until April 30th *.

* Note that due to the demand for the TRAK 2.0, orders received until April 30, 2018 will be part of our next run of TRAK 2.0 production to be delivered in September 2018. After this month's order window, the next TRAK 2.0 kayaks will be delivered during the fall & winter of 2018/19.

Explore the kayak technology and how it did on Indiegogo - $828k Funded!