Pilot Application

The Pilot Program: TRAK's Unique Ambassador Program

“A pilot is a mariner who guides ships through dangerous or congested waters. Pilots are expert ship handlers who possess detailed knowledge of local waterways. Pilotage is one of the oldest professions, as old as sea travel itself...”

 How it works:

  1. Fill out this Pilot Application Form
  2. We review it and schedule a follow up call with you to discuss the program, how it works, and to check our fit.
  3. embark on the TRAK Pilot Onboarding Journey
  4. Congratulations you are a Pilot!

What a Pilot does:

  • Share your joyful use of the TRAK with others
  • Test Paddles
  • Participate in and/or Lead Camps, Trips or Tours
  • Guide your own!
  • Lead TRAK Training (Skills Accelerator, contribute to Foundations Course)
    • share your own specialty to our community
  • Work with us for videos, images or sharing experiences visually or in stories
  • participate in our Zoom Away Blue Friday calls, TRAK Pilot PowWow's and in the TRAK Owners Circle FB private group.

We view this as a Partnership.  We encourage communication and creativity so we all win.

TRAK Pilot Application:


Please write as much as you want in the response boxes below - each text box will expand to accommodate up to 1,000 words each. The more you share, the more we know about you!


About Your Experience
About Your Life Unleashed

About Your Future as a TRAK Pilot