TRAK Camp - ADK Discovery Weekend

Low Experience Pre-requisite / Higher Focus on Skills Training / TRAK Kayak AVAILABLE TO RENT

Join TRAK as we invite paddlers of all levels to our immersive skills progression camp in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York,  located on section 2 of the 740 mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail. 

It will be an adventurous yet relaxing trip led by experienced TRAK Pilots to rustic campsites with water access only - tucked within a seemingly endless network of rivers, hiking trails, and wonderful scenery.

We’ll be meeting in Saranac Lake, NY!

  • Country:  Adirondack Mtns, NY, USA
  • When:  September 13 - 16, 2024
  • Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels

    What we're going to do 

    This camp is coordinated and delivered by a team of TRAK Pilots. These folks are experts with their TRAK kayaks, and are also qualified instructors and experienced in the outdoors. They have prepared a number of skills-focused topics that you can learn about and practice, such as:

    • Getting familiar with TRAK Kayaks, the many unique capabilities and features to get the most out of it
    • Paddling skills & Boat control 
    • Kayak safety & Rescues
    • Navigation and planning for paddling trips
    • Useful rope skills + Knots
    • Kayak fishing
    • Photography
    • Low impact camping and cooking - be prepared to eat well!

    There is something here for every paddler, are our primary goal is to get you more familiar with your TRAK kayak, then working on progression on each individual basis.

    For our 5th season of the TRAK ADK Camp at Saranac Lake, we are happy to announce that a second or extended session will be offered for new additional guests or for those that would like to stay on a little longer. By popular request, guests just don’t want to leave at the end of this trip and would like to stay longer immersed in the mountain lake setting to further hone skills, take in the beautiful wilderness or just enjoy the the camaraderie of new paddling friends on the water or around the campfire. Time and time again guests tell us that its so hard to pack up and leave that last day. Some have stayed on. Some have come back. We feel the same so this year, we will stay out there a little longer!


    Tour Itinerary

    Expedition Training Plan:


    We will arrange transportation to our put in
    Basic safety overview
    TRAK assembly walkthrough
    "Pack your TRAK" lesson
    Complete 45 minute paddle into campsites
    Build camp
    First dinner - local fare
    Fireside chat + orientation 

    • DAY 2: Beginning of Course

    Breakfast & pack lunch preparation
    Splitting into pods - pod management briefing
    Rotation into the "skills stations"
    Optional beginning of level 1 training
    Fire side chats + socialization

    • DAY 3: Course Continuation, Time for Exploration

    Breakfast & pack lunch preparation
    Continuation + completion of skills training
    Break into exploration pods - paddling & hiking
    Fire side chat + Starry night paddle

    • Day 4: Strike Camp + Paddle Out

    Breakfast & pack lunch preparation
    How to strike your camp + LNT briefing
    "Pack your TRAK" refresher
    45 minute paddle back to vehicles
    Transport back to Saranac Lake, NY

    Meet Your Guide

    Jeff Berner

    Hey! I'm Jeff. I've been kayaking for 20 years and paddling with a TRAK kayak for about 10. I've taught classes in flat water, multi-day/week outings and white water. As a photographer I enjoy having the TRAK and the accessibility it provides on any road trip, and I was also a member of the TRAK 20/20 team, and played a key role in developing the TRAK 2.0. This will be my 5th year leading the TRAK ADK Camp.

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    “This has been a great experience, I started out with zero knowledge about how to kayak in the TRAK. In three days I got so that I could paddle comfortably, know I could self rescue if I need to, how to camp... I call it zero to kayaking in three days!"



    “As a mature adult, being passed seventy, my family thought I was crazy getting into something I had never done before. I specifically came up here knowing the quality of the equipment and the training was fantastic. The TRAK Pilots did an absolutely superb job."


    Where we're going

    What's included in the tour

    We'll provide everything you need once you arrive, until you leave. You may want to bring your favourite PFD and paddle, and if you have a TRAK kayak already, bring it with you and save.

            • Campsite Accommodation.
            • Three meals a day including hot drinks + snacks.
            • Skills-training equipment & materials
            • All coaching and instruction.
            • ACA Level - 1 Certificate (Optional).

    Not included

          • Transport into and out of Saranac Lake, NY (Town).
          • Basic paddling gear (Paddle, PFD, Bilge Pump, Paddle Float, etc.)
          • Personal expedition equipment, for example tent, Thermarest mattress and sleeping bag, refer to the trip packing list, you may be able to rent some of these items from us, please inquire.
          • Gratuities
    September 13 - 16, 2024

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