TRAK 2.0 Kayaks

Reserve Your TRAK 2.0

For the 2020 TRAK 2.0 Ultimate Touring Kayak, you can pre-order with us to entitle you to receive "essentials" package pricing.

Option 1: Reserve the TRAK 2.0 for just a Deposit ONLY of $1,800.00 USD, or choose to make the FULL Payment at $3,599.00 USD, with free shipping.

Option 2: Visit a TRAK Retail Partner in your area, and arrange a purchase and delivery/pick-up timeline.

* Note that due to the high demand for the TRAK 2.0 in 2019, orders received during the current order window will be part of our winter/spring 2020 run of TRAK 2.0 production with expected delivery in Summer 2020