Keys to Avoiding Deep Trouble 🚣 Episodes


Previous Episodes:



Episode 7: "Guiding Mastery and Unpacking C.A.K.E."
With: special guest Jeff Allen and TRAK's Hans Trupp





Episode 6: "Solo Expeditionary Planning"
With: guest TRAK Pilot Matt Pruis and TRAK's Hans Trupp





Episode 5: "Unpacking Pacific Rim Surf/Skills Camp"
With: Panel Discussion with TRAK Pilots Hans Trupp and Keith Braun





Episode 4: "Greenland Kayaking & Paddle Use Techniques"
With: TRAK Pilot Mike Jackson





Episode 3: "Surf Kayaking Techniques"
With: TRAK Pilot Eder Arreola





Episode 2: "Risk Management Mindset"
With: TRAK Pilot Fabio Raimo





Episode 1: “Pod Management”
With: TRAK Pilot Keith Braun





About the series: Team TRAK kayaks is inviting you to a scheduled group Zoom meeting. As part of our ongoing series “Keys to Avoiding Deep Trouble.” All paddlers are welcome, this program is designed for experienced kayakers to learn paddling industry professionals and TRAK Pilots. We invite you to join us and contribute your stories, experience and insight. We will address the topics of risk management, leadership, communication and seamanship.