Hull Design

The TRAK 2.0 has a Greenland-style hull design with hard chines and a slight V-hull for speed and tracking. The hard chine design allows for excellent edging and great secondary stability.


The TRAK technology is a series of innovations that, when combined, offer the most innovative kayak and offer a paddler benefits that have never been available before. The TRAK 2.0 simply performs unlike any kayak ever made. We promise.


Hydraulics inside the cockpit enable you to tension the skin as well as instantly shift the shape of the kayak’s hull; adjust for straight speed, to edge and turn effortlessly, or to neutralize a cross wind without a rudder. You can think of it as being similar to all-wheel drive performance on land, or gears on a mountain bike. 


Being seaworthy is not a simple thing. Kayakers need to trust their kayak with their life. It not only needs to be tough, but it also needs to be safe in dynamic scenarios. The TRAK 2.0 offers great versatility in its adaptable design and other key safety features. There has never been a portable kayak that can handle the multifacited demands of active sea kayaking.