TRAK is an H2H customer-inspired company built on a network of authentic relationships – to know you is to serve you. Get to know us whether you're an owner or a fan!

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Our Promise for Support:

If you have a problem with your TRAK – call us. We stand behind our product and its performance with a 5 Year Tip-to-Tip Warranty, and we are committed that your experience with our company and our product is completely satisfying. We know our product better than anybody. We're here to serve – whether that's providing answers, technical solutions or product repair and replacement. We always want to hear your experience, about where you've paddled and what you have discovered. We certainly don't know it all but we have a resourceful community of TRAK owners and Pilots worldwide and they are constantly contributing to an expanding body of experience and knowledge.

Our TRAK Record:

Our most recent (2015) TRAK Owner's Survey was insightful and revealing:


TRAK's average rating was  8.3 / 10, with 77% of our owners rating our product as 8 or higher out of 10.

TRAK's average rating was  8.8 / 10, with 81% of our owners rating our service as 8 or higher out of 10.