Changing the Rocker

TRAK is the only kayak that allows you to alter the waterline and rocker for varying environments and needs. Use the same kayak to play in rough water, or to paddle efficiently for long touring. Essentially, it is a bunch of differently shaped kayaks in one. You can even adjust the rocker as you paddle!

Traditionally, kayaks are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Most avid kayakers will own 3-10 kayaks, all with a specific use. One may be for play or surf, one may be for mid-range touring, and one could be for specialized longer expeditions. With the TRAK 2.0, you have many of these kayaks in one.

What is the benefit of a lot of rocker?

The amount of rocker in the hull determines how easy a kayak will turn, edge, or spin. Having a lot of rocker would be great for some ocean paddling, rivers or whenever you want added manoeuvrability. It is also helpful for beginners as it offers more stability and makes it easier to turn without extensive paddling skills. Someone that is just getting into paddling can really grow with the TRAK!

The Result?

“This could be the only kayak you’d ever need” – PADDLING Magazine