3 Steps to Kayaking 🚣 Episodes


Previous Episodes in the Series



Episode 6: "Winter Paddling Preparations"
With: TRAK Pilot Zack Kruzins, Such a Nice Day Adventures





Episode 5: "Rolling Fundamentals"
With: TRAK Pilot Pete Kuhn
Video Files: Dropbox Link





Episode 4: "Low Brace Techniques"
With: TRAK Pilot Dan Numbers





Episode 3: "The Forward Stroke"
With: TRAK Pilot Paige Olson





Episode 2: "Self-Rescue Techniques"
With: TRAK Pilot Cole Slusarenko





Episode 1: “5 Points of Contact in a Sea Kayak”
With: TRAK Pilot Zack Kruzins





About the series: This virtual community gathering is designed to help motivated enthusiasts develop as proficient sea kayakers. Hosted by a crackerjack team of TRAK Pilots, this program will help support you getting into the sport of sea kayaking or take your practice to the next level. We will focus on three basic steps to help you to set a solid foundation on which anyone can develop with greater competence and confidence.