TRAK Tour - Baja Expedition

Take the next step or the first step in developing your expedition skills to empower your next trips. Join TRAK in warm and sunny Baja California Sur, Mexico for an Expedition skills-focused trip among the islands of Loreto Bay Marine Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers fantastic paddling water and comfortable beach camping.

  • Country: Mexico
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Dates: November 10 - 16, 2023
  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

What we're going to do

We'll be meeting in Loreto for a 7-day excursion in this bucket-list paddling destination from November 10-16, 2023.

You do NOT need to be an expert at multi-day kayaking expeditions! Our aim is to help develop your confidence and competence at planning, organizing, and leading your own trips or becoming a more capable teammate in joining others. We will plan and execute a multi-day kayak camping trip, developing a strong group dynamic.


Tour Itinerary

Expedition Training Plan:

  • DAY 0: Arriving in Mexico - meet the group and start the planning and preparation.
  • DAY 1: Set off on the tour, camp at nights.
  • DAYS 2-6: Multi-day trip according to the group plan.
  • Day 7: Arrive back in Loreto, say goodbye and depart.

Meet Your Guide

Eder Arreola

Eder has profound insights and a depth of skill in group management and communication which support his work as both a guide and a business coach. You will benefit from the range of his expertise. Eder also holds BCU 4-star Sea Leader and UKCC Coach certifications. Engage Eder in coaching kayak skills or discussing life philosophy and you will come away enriched. He also has a sweet sense of humor and a genuine heart for people. You’ll see.

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David Whitmire

”It’s perfect for the beginner and intermediate paddler. This environment, this destination, the skills progression and the way this trip was constructed in such a manner that allowed everybody get what they wanted. Our expanded purpose was met, our individual goals were met and the group goals were met.”

David Whitmire

Dr. Michael Stern

“It is actually hard to describe all of the benefits you get out of it. The bottom line is a significant increase in skills and comfort and handling the boat in various conditions. We were able to do that with wonderful instruction and really capable experts.”

Dr. Michael Stern

Where we're going

What you'll learn

This amazing program includes hands-on experience and instruction and the opportunity to discover the best ways to plan, lead, and execute a multi-day, international sea-kayaking expedition.

  • Expedition planning, preparation and execution for replication on other international travel expeditions
  • Route planning and basic sea kayak navigation
  • Expedition leadership and seamanship skills
  • Sea kayak skills including self and assisted rescues

What's included in the tour

We'll provide everything you need once you arrive, until you leave. You may want to bring your favorite PFD and paddle, but paddling gear will be available otherwise. This trip is ideal for people who already own the TRAK 2.0, or are receiving their pre-order in 2023.

  • Locally sourced rations for expedition style meals in small cook groups
  • Camping accommodations intown and park permitting for island access in the Loreto Bay Marine park (Day 0 night, to Day 6 night)
  • Sea Kayak and Risk Management Skills Training with certified instructors / guides and TRAK pilot mentors
  • Group gear for small cook groups, safe and effective pod management on the water as well as essential equipment for LNT desert travel

Not included

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature
November 10-16, 2023

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