TRAKings in the WILD

January 11, 2024 2 Comments

TRAKings in the WILD


As our boats are arriving to customers across the globe we're sharing their TRAK Owner experiences. Share your TRAK kayak in the wild with the hashtag #TRAKeverywhere and tag @trakkayaks or upload your photos and videos for a chance to be featured here!




Loch Linnhie, Scotland

All photography © Glenn Mac Fadyen

Bit of a catch up from Scotland. Trak going great as always. I'm currently finishing Loch Linnhie, about 5klms South of Fort William. Paddling alone now, my friend abandoned on Ilse of Mull. He was having terrible trouble with the seat in his Feathercraft, he could barely walk in the end. Going to take a few days in Fort William and hopefully hire a car, then on through the Great Glen to Inverness.

May 2024


Hidden Hong Kong Beaches

All photography © Chad Shen

During this trip, we visit a few areas that are must see places and I did it with the Trak 2.0 Kayak. We also planned our lunch at a secluded spot which was amazing.

Watch the Video: Epic travels: Must-see Places Explored With the TRAK 2.0 Kayak

May 2024


DeCourcy Island and Owners Gathering 2023

All photography © Ken Pool

The chilly winter storms we're experiencing here on Canada's We(s)t Coast have us dreaming of the summer weather and Gulf Island trips. Ken Pool was kind enough to remind us of how beautiful it was! Here are some of his photos from the TRAK Owners Gathering, and the DeCourcy Island trip from this past September.

Read next: 50 Years of Skin on Frame - The Ken Pool Story

More photos: TRAKings Ken Pool Flickr

January 2024


Waitukubuli Sea Trail

All photography © Melanie

The colourful coastal parishes of Dominica are eager to host you in comfortable resorts where you can lay your head after exciting days of paddling, snorkelling, diving, hiking, and surfing. Pure food will your belly as you enjoy local favourites of grilled fish, fresh fruit, and delicacies like Mountain Chicken and Manicou.

September 2023



Follow Melanie's adventures on her Instagram page


Tea Lake, Algonquin Park - Camping and Paddling

All photography © Thomas Brissiaud

Tackling a multi-day paddle like this requires great preparation and planning! Thomas Brissiaud and his party breezed through inclement weather to explore the beauty in one of Canada's most famous Provincial Parks on Tea lake for a multi day camping trip. 

August 2023






Killarney Provincial Park - Land of Lakes

All photography © EJ MacGuffin

14 days of kayaking, camping and portaging through Killarney Provincial Park, ON, and the TRAK 2.0s survived! I managed to paddle these boats, all our gear, and two weeks worth of food to some of the most stunning lakes in North America. I think I lost about 10lbs in the process, because all of my pre-Covid clothes fit again. : )

If you get the chance, definitely visit this park. 

August 2023




Alexis Worldwide

All photography © Alexis Buisson

I am now back from my trip after 4300 kms solo paddling Having received my Trak last summer I trained on the lakes near my home. After 5 years of illness and 4 fractured vertebrae, I had a job to get back in shape! Read the Article

July 2023



Life Goes On

All photography © Kazuhiro Okuda

Burn in Kumamoto Japan, 'Kaz' has had his fair share of adversity in life. Now, he's dedicated to the pursuit of connecting with others, to cherish encounters with love and a smile, and to unleash his life. Visit His Instagram

June 2023



Kaz Okuda received his new TRAK 2.0 this Spring in California, and has flown with it to his home region of Kumamoto, JP. Exploring his native waters by kayak is helping Kaz live a Life Unleashed. Kaz trained with the TRAK Team on Vancouver Island in the summer of 2022 to gain the skills he would need to paddle independently and internationally - take a look at our various Skills Progression Camps & Tours if you're looking to up your skills for your own expeditions.   

June 2023


Dirty Harry on the Loose

All photography © Peter Schoedl and Nathalie Marik

It can be hard to walk away from a good thing, but that is exactly the path that Peter and Nathalie have chosen. They'll be calling their new custom overlander "Dirty Harry" home for the foreseeable future as they endeavor to stay on the road for as far, and for as long, as they can. Read the Article 

May 2023




Life Unleashed in Thailand

All photography © Wendy Killoran.

It has been a dream of mine, to be able to travel the world with a folding kayak so I can roam and explore remote exotic locations to my heart’s delight.Read the Article 

February 2023



Scoresby Sund - Greenland

All photography © Zack Kruzins.

Join Zack Kruzins as he paddles through the icy expanses of the Scoresby Sund in Greenland - View the full post

October 2022


Waitukubuli Sea Trail

All photography © Wes Moses.

Wes is paddling new paths in Dominica, on the newly opened Waitukubuli Sea Trail. 60km of pristine blue water in this new Caribbean adventure - Read the Article 

July 2022



'OUR BACKYARD' Gulf Islands, BC

All photography © Rodolfo Vivanco.

It was a great summer at TRAK HQ, as we welcomed many new paddlers to explore and hone their skills in our very own backyard.

June, 2022


All photography © Braden Gunem.

Celebrating your success and overcoming adversity together on the water by paddling with your significant other can mirror the ups and downs that are natural in our most cherished relationships. - View the full post

March 2022




All photography © Hubert Zistler.

Recently, Hubert set a record for the fastest completion of the annual Regen River Run in his home state of Bavaria. The 110km route is expected to take between three and five days to complete - Hubert completed the length of this river in just seventeen hours and fifteen minutes. - View the full post

October, 2021



All photography © Braden Gunem.

We're featuring new and fresh content from TRAK Paddlers, Braden Gunem and Claire Cripps as they paddle the Everglades. - View the full post

January, 2021


Photos + Video by Alex Balan

Alex Balan - Cowboy Self Rescue with TRAK 2.0 Kayak on YouTube

August, 2020





Photo by Ray Boivin

"Linda and I recently paddled from Wild Goose Beach, near Thunder Bay, to Rossport, Ontario, on Lake Superior."

August, 2020


Photo by Maurice Redmond

"Whole lot of good going on right now." - Maurice

July, 2020


Photos by Jeff Schmidt

A group of participants joined TRAK in warm and sunny Baja California Sur, Mexico for a paddling skills and wellness-focused moving expedition among the islands of Loreto Bay Marine Park.

Thinking about joining us on a tour? Check out our amazing expeditions.

March, 2020


Photos by Kip W.

"Finally able to take my TRAK 2.0 out this week. Still takes a bit longer than 10-15 mins to assemble, but I’m getting better. Loving it so far! Can’t wait to take it on many adventures far from home when we can travel again. Until then, it will get plenty of use here in South Florida. We may have gotten a little close to the cruise ships today!"

March 14, 2020


Photos by Luke S.

"Took the 2.0 out for its maiden voyage along the Grand Union Canal near London today. I was expecting great things, but I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this boat. I think the thing that struck me the most was just how comfortable the 2.0 is."

February 29, 2020


Photos by Fernando M.

"Nice paddling yesterday at Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. Flat waters, almost spring time and other great kayaks and paddlers from UK and Spain."

February 25, 2020


TRAK Owners Henry Liu and Celia W. Zhen take on an epic paddle to Spirit Island, Maligne Lakein Jasper National Park, AB, Canada

A crystal clear moment on Maligne Lake. It was actually around minus 10°C, Anything came out of water would immediately have ice or frost formed on surface, very cold yet very beautiful... shot with my cellphone under panorama mode.

A TRAK 2.0 folding kayak fulfilled my 5 year dream. Thanks to the team at TRAK Kayaks!

OCTOBER 14, 2019

Another cell phone shot from our Spirit Island expedition. When the sun set down, temperature dropped extremely fast. You can tell water drops on Trak's skin and deck bag already turned into ice droplets. Being hungry and cold, we had to pitch up our tents quickly and had no time to play with our DSLRs. So just a quick cellphone shot before we started offloading the boats.

Fisherman Bay, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park.


TRAK Dispatches: Ted & Glo's Paddle to Alaska

This is the first dispatch of our TRAK coverage of TRAK Pilot Ted Tetrault and Gloria Roe's kayaking expedition with our new signature kayak, BLACKBLUE!. Matching drysuits, matching mullets!? Yep, seriously — Welcome to Ted and Glo's Salty Adventure: Read our first dispatch »

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019


Reporting from Marseille, France!

"Today it was another test and démo days around Marseille in France.
The boat is really fast! 12,6 Nautic Miles in 3 hours in open sea conditions around Frioul archipelago, with some force 4 wind and one 4 NM crossing with side wind... Thanks to the side jack for trimming! Definitely the Ultimate Touring Kayak! 



"Finally, my TRAK arrived. I am happy. I paddled the new TRAK today! 

AUGUST 31, 2019



TRAK Pilot Mike Mangin with TRAK 2.0 Owner Ludwig!

Mike Mangin: Here is a quick photo recap of my trip with new TRAK 2.0 owner Lu. Lu was visiting Canada from Germany and arranged to have his boat delivered to Victoria BC and we spent a few days on Saturna Island getting acquainted with his boat. Saturna, and most of the Gulf Islands are an easy walk-on trip from Victoria (or Vancouver) and offer some great opportunities for paddling/exploring/camping. All photos by Ludwig Amann

AUGUST 24, 2019


Good news, UK!

Shipments of early-bird kayaks have been delivered to our partner Reed Chillcheater going on to customers in the UK. We're proud to have landed here and can't wait to see your boats on the water!

AUGUST 2, 2019


Photos © Harvey Tapan

We hope you enjoy these breathtaking images by photographer Harvey Tapan that were taken when he teamed up with TRAK recently to explore Palawan, Philippines.

JULY 12, 2019


TRAK Pilot & Backer Rendezvous

TRAK Pilots Jeff Berner and Ryan Pepper showcasing the TRAK 2.0 at the South Bass Island Sea Kayak Rendezvous - practiced rescues and put the 2.0 to the test with some experience sea kayakers.

JUNE 7-9, 2019


The annual TRAK Pacific Rim Surf Camp was marked by strong winds and huge swell in the beginning...

Everyone adapted and persevered to score high on the stoke meter. Check out the two great accounts of this famous skills progression camp. Read our stories from this recent camp: "Paddling the Pacific Rim" and "Building Resilience, Stoke, & Community"

MAY 21-25, 2019



A small band of brave kayakers received their new TRAK 2.0 vessels and boarded a small ferry to unique island in the Strait of Georgia on the Coast of British Columbia Canada.

They launch on a four day excursion along the exotic coast of Lasqueti Island. The focus was camping and kayaking and skills progression focus of level one skills. They bonded as a team and made it back super charged for more trims on their own.

MAY 20, 2019



Photos by Eric R.

MAY, 2019



Photos by Harvey T.

MAY 19, 2019




Photos by Stefan A.

MAY 15, 2019


by Shinju H.

MAY 4, 2019


"Short paddle on Lake Zurich" by Brian D.

MAY 4, 2019


"Day trip to the end of the western arm of Lake Waikaremoana, NZ, from Simon C.

MAY 2, 2019

"Canals in Bangkok!"

from Wit P.

MAY 1, 2019

"My 3rd trip with my TRAK. Like it very much and getting faster with the assembly and it's also packed up in no time."

from Brian D.

APRIL 2019


APRIL 2019

This early backer picked up his kayak just before the Thai New Year! He got it together, and got out there paddling on the Mekong River! Thanks to Nawa, Envida and the Tank Store crew for staying and meeting them until 10pm, so he could make it on his trip! And Simon was very happy to "meet this TRAK 2.0" after a longer time apart than anticipated. He is off on a trip to New Zealand later this month!


from Bethany of 'Her Odyssey'

APRIL 2019


Some sage advice from Bethany ("Fidgit") of the Her Odyssey expedition, after spending two months paddling the TRAK 2.0 on a discovery trip in Central America. They learned a lot about the kayaks, sea kayaking, and navigating many challenges along the way!


Discovery Day Nº 1

April 8, 2019

TRAK Pilot Nadja pulled something off in Berlin. After travelling from the Whitsundays in Australia, she arrived on a Friday, set up her new TRAK 2.0 on the Saturday, then led a TRAK Discovery Day with three new Kickstarter Early Bird backers on the Sunday! In a city steeped in history, and with a population totally suited to the benefits of the TRAK 2.0 - these Berliners have started their journey towards mastering their new kayaks, and to getting fully unleashed on the water.



Lake Superior

APRIL 2019

Some paddling through the ice on Lake Superior from a sea kayaker getting his first TRAK 2.0 experience.




MARCH 2019

Early backers were greeted by Khee Wei of Paka River Camps to deliver their new TRAK 2.0's. He also captured some reactions from new owners as they saw the highly engineered components of this revolutionary design. 




Her Odyssey Expedition

MARCH 2019

Following the Her Odyssey expedition has been fun and empowering. These two ladies, Bethany and Lauren, were joined by Richard to complete a sea kayak journey in Panama and up to Costa Rica. This was a quest for them, and paddling the TRAK 2.0 kayaks represented an opportunity to really unleash.



The TRAK 2.0 Maiden Voyage


Three generations of TRAK Pilots embarked upon a self-supported expedition down an endangered river running through the steppes of Patagonia. The TRAK 2.0 gets its maiden voyage in one of the most remote regions of the Americas. Super cool!






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Bob Cowan
Bob Cowan

November 01, 2019

For those of us with low budgets, I am hoping the prices drop by half at some future point, now that the developmental stage had passed. Until then, I continue dreaming of paddling one.


April 18, 2019

Bonjour envoie-moi le prix merci 😊

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