Customizations & Outfitting

As part of the TRAK 2.0 development process, we engaged a group of our TRAK Pilots and knowledgeable sea kayak guides and instructors to assist with several aspects of the design. Direct input from this group of paddlers led to a line of accessories to customize your TRAK experience, and to fit the TRAK to a wide range of paddler sizes. This included cockpit outfitting, bag systems, and other kits available to match your trip requirements and specific needs.

Travel Bag System

The TRAK 2.0 comes standard with its stylish, functional rolling travel pack. This bag was designed to be the main carrying bag for the kayak, on wheels to easily get around apartments, condos, vehicles, and airports. When flying, the rolling travel pack can be checked in as sports equipment. For rougher terrain or to get to a put-in spot that is a hike away, the Flexhaul Harness can be mounted to this bag, transforming it into a backpack for a unique adventure.

For other gear and travel needs, the 60L Drybag Backpack can be used to transport other gear and can be used as a check-on bag for airlines.

Storage Bag System

After more than a decade on the market and many expeditions, our paddler team helped us design a modular storage bag system. Our standard gear floatation bag system consists of two identically-sized bags that are stowed in the bow section above the footpegs and the stern section, behind the seat. These are designed to add secondary buoyancy and displacement, and to keep your gear dry. These bags have been upgraded to include using a strong, RF-welded seam and have been sized better than our original versions. They are made of a 210D Nylon material; same stuff we’ve used for over a decade.

The Expedition-Grade Gear Floatation bags (set of 2) are smaller, and work with the 60L Drybag Backpack, and are made of a tougher material (420D ripstop nylon). The 60L bag can be used on a trip as either an “on back deck” bag or an “under back deck bag” which works either way, based on the paddler’s preference or type of trip being undertaken.

You can customize your set-up for anything from a day outing to a weekend trip to a 7-14 day self-supported expedition.