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Experience the ultimate portable sea touring kayak

Reinventing a watercraft that’s over 4,000 years old has not been easy. But it’s been a fun challenge and a heck of a journey. 

Uniquely powerful, the TRAK 2.0 opens up a new world of paddling possibilities to novices and experts alike. Portable and performance-focused, this 16 foot sea kayak can take you anywhere.

TRAK is the only kayak that allows you to alter the waterline and rocker for varying conditions and needs. Its unmatched versatility allows you to play in rough water, or to paddle efficiently for longer-distance touring. You can even adjust the rocker as you paddle.

The TRAK 2.0 sets up in 10 minutes and fits where you need it to: in your car, on your sailboat, in your RV, in your condo, on a train, or on a plane. Also, you can transport it like a hardshell on roof rack for your convenience. 

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What key features does the TRAK 2.0 bring to the table?

  • Unleashed Seaworthiness - a 16’ / 4.9m kayak that can go with you everywhere, and take you anywhere
  • Spontaneous Deployment - simple and intuitive to build, go from bag to boat in under 20 minutes 
  • Peerless Adaptability - you’re in control of the rocker, adapting the boat to any condition from the customizable cockpit

  • Now, see these features in action and meet the TRAK 2.0:


    And by the Way, it's Portable

    The TRAK 2.0 packs down in 10 minutes and is compact enough to fit where you need it to: in your car, on your sailboat, in your RV, in your condo, on your back, on a train, or on a plane.

    “I wouldn’t mind re-enacting this ritual before every paddle. I felt I’d performed a magic trick or created modern art. The second time I built it waterside in under 20 minutes, half expecting applause, and went back from kayak-to-bag even faster without struggle.”Tim Shuff, Paddling Magazine

    The TRAK 2.0 is the ultimate portable sea kayak thanks to its innovative design which features aircraft grade aluminum tubing, carbon fibre ribs and high strength polyurethane hull material. Its design keeps the TRAK lightweight and portable, but retains a durability that can handle long tours or whitewater conditions.

    Anywhere. Any water. There's nothing like a TRAK 2.0.


    It's Multi-Boat Capable & Fun

    This could be the only kayak you'd need - TRAK is the ONLY kayak that allows you to alter the waterline and rocker for varying environments and needs. Use the same kayak to play in rough water, or to paddle efficiently for long touring. Essentially, it is a bunch of differently shaped kayaks in one. You can even adjust the rocker as you paddle! It’s the only kayak in the world that can do that!

    “I simply cranked up the keel jack until the kayak felt right. In a few seconds, I reached a Goldilocks level of maneuverability that normally would have required trying out different boats.” – Tim Shuff, Paddling Magazine

    Uniquely powerful and incredibly durable, we guarantee each kayak with our 5-Year Tip-to-Tip Warranty. If it's our fault, we'll fix it. If it's your fault, we'll work with you to get you paddling again. All TRAK kayaks are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of delivery.



    Choose Your Colorway and Deal

    Our flagship kayak, the TRAK 2.0 'ULTIMATE Touring Kayak' is a seaworthy 16-foot portable sea kayak that you can take with you anywhere. Tough as nails, the TRAK 2.0 can be paddled along rocky shores, in coastal environments, and on lakes, rivers and oceans. The TRAK 2.0 packs down in 10 minutes and is compact enough to fit where you need it to: in your car, on your sailboat, in your RV, in your condo, on your back, on a train, or on a plane. Anywhere. Any water.






    To celebrate the imminent delivery of the first batch of 2024 TRAK 2.0 kayaks, and TRAK’s recent achievement of continuous production, we're offering bundled goodies for every paddler to enjoy. Treat yourself to savings with a boat bundle, gear bundles, or a TRAK tour bundle to help you get the most out of the Ultimate Sea Touring Kayak!




    $6,900 USD / NOW 2 Available
    SAVE $800 on Your Purchase 

    The perfect pair for paddling partners! Get the best price for two TRAK 2.0 kayaks and put your savings towards gear, skills camps or experiences! Order as a couple or as comrades on the water, and receive our best available pricing. Paddle together, and stay together - imagine where your perfect pair of portable sea kayaks will take you.

    Will you join the ranks of TRAK paddling power couples? 


    $3,450 USD / NOW 4 Available
    End of Year Delivery 
    (SAVE $400 USD)

    Delay your delivery for deeper savings on a single kayak. If you’re not in a rush, or are planning ahead for next summer in the Southern hemisphere, then this option is designed with you in mind.




    $5,375 USD / ONLY 6 Spots NOW Available
    Your TRAK 2.0 includes a FREE cockpit to the Baja Expedition in Mexico (Save $475)

    Our annual Baja trip has truly grown into an expeditionary primer for paddlers of all skill levels. The goal of this adventure is to create a positive learning environment to develop your skills as an expeditionary participant and situational leader, master your new TRAK 2.0 kayak, and improve on your overall paddling technique -  all while enjoying a stunning and delicate marine ecosystem. 

    More than a pony ride! Become an active participant in all elements of the adventure, and take those new skills home with you to enhance your own personal trips.

    Explore the Baja Expedition Trip






    Our free gift to you - we invite you to join our kayak skills Foundation Program. This video course features detailed video examples and challenge segments of important skills that every kayaker needs to build confidence and competence on the water. We encourage you to keep and share the various resources available regarding seamanship and paddling theory. Receive detailed explanations and demonstrations to become a master of building your TRAK 2.0, customizing it, and getting the most out of it on the water. 

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    Inspired by the Inuit

    Our kayak may be new, but it’s got thousands of years of tradition behind it. The TRAK 2.0 is based on the indigenous Greenland design, inspired by early kayaks in the Eastern and Western Arctic of Canada's north.

    We replaced seal skin on bone or wood with a modern tough-as-nails polyurethane fabric and a hi-tech carbon fibre and aerospace aluminum frame. The hull design has distinctive hard chines and a V-shape for speed and tracking.

    The hard chine design allows for excellent edging and great secondary stability, which allows for advanced paddling techniques to be applied in a wide variety of conditions. Tradition meets 21st century technology, giving you the most unique experience as a paddler.




    Ultimate Portable Sea Touring Kayak

    Paddle TV star and former world champion kayaker Ken Whiting thoroughly tests the TRAK 2.0 in many conditions, and unpacks that question, giving his view as an experienced kayaker and reviewer of kayaks all around the world.



    Paddler Development

    This is why we do what we do at TRAK. Meet Bruce. Hear what TRAK Discovery Weekend camp participant, Bruce Unterman has to say about his experience getting ready to take on his paddling lifestyle. In 3 days, his goals were blown out of the he can enjoy well-deserved time on the water.





    After a day of paddling, you can disassemble and pack up your TRAK 2.0 kayak in less than 10 minutes. An "ultimate" touring kayak needs to be convenient. No other fully functional portable sea kayak is as easy to set-up and take down! The TRAK 2.0 represents a new paradigm in ease of use for a portable sea kayak.



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