Expedition Bag System (Set of 4)

Expedition-Grade Gear Bag System (Set of 4)

These four items (3 bags plus Flexhaul Harness) combine to create an integrated storage & transport system, and enable a modular and scalable approach to expeditionary travels. This is a simple bundle of the Superior 60 litre Haul bag and The Twin Lakes gear floatations bags is designed to go together and all store below decks. The bag system takes the guesswork out of dry bag volumes and help you to optimize packing efficiency. The three Roam Series bags are built tough to stand up to expedition use. The simplicity and weight savings of just 3 dry bags that occupy the entire volume of your bulkhead-free boat is smart. The expandability of parking the haul bag on the aft deck is versatility when you need it. The durability of the construction gives you the confidence you need for these kinds of trips

  • 2x Expedition Gear Floatation Bags (40L each) with impermeable zipper, modular for ease of storage and accessibility
  • 1x 60L Drybag Backpack with impermeable zipper, for above and/or below deck storage
  • 1x Flexhaul Harness, to turn the kayak bag into a backpack

The floatation bags are made of a thicker, stronger material than our standard gear floatation system and can be counted on to keep your gear dry and your kayak afloat thanks to their Tizip® impermeable zippers. The 60L Drybag Backpack is a versatile option for above and below deck storage, with convenient back straps for off-water transportation. 

The other part of this set are available here

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