40L Expedition Gear Floatation Bags (Qty 2)

In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

Expedition-Grade Gear Floatation Bags 40L (Set of 2 ~ Twin Lakes)

A basic element of seamanship is keeping the water out. In a skin-on-frame kayak design, this is best achieved with floatation bags. We combined the concept of the twin lakes floatation bags and gear storage dry bags for a simple, elegant and multi-functional solution. Original skin-on-frame builders used seal skin bladders. This approach has been modernized by building the uniquely shaped multi-purpose bags to our ROAM series elements, such as the material and the Tizip® closure making them durable and functional. These bags were designed to enable a modular approach to expedition gear storage and increase your options for strategic packing. The bags are made of a thicker, stronger material than our standard gear floatation bags and can be counted on to keep your gear dry and your kayak afloat, thanks to their Tizip® impermeable zippers and the roll down closures.

While this unique set of twin bags are designed for the TRAK kayak, it is also perfect for any of your kayaks that lack bulkheads. In this 80 litre bag set we honour the Twin Lakes of Alaska (60°38′20″N153°51′47″W) and spirit of the expedition. This set of lakes is remote and unpopulated. It was the retirement place of naturalist Richard Proenneke. Proenneke says he turned his back on tedious 50-hour work weeks and moved to Alaska "to do a thing to completion".

  • 2x Gear Floatation Bags (40L each) with waterproof and airtight zipper, modular for ease of storage and accessibility 
  • 420d Durable Ripstop Fabric for expedition-ready environments
  • RF welded seams for more robust construction and waterproofing
  • Lash points along seems for outfitting and securing to frame or on the deck

Floatation Bag Dimensions:

137 cm long (54”)
55 cm wide at top (21.5”)
14 cm wide at bottom (5.5”)
45 cm zipper opening (17.5”)

"These bags are fantastic. I love that I can pre pack the bow and stern ends before loading them in the boat to maximize space efficiency, effort and time. On the beach at the other end, I can simply slide the whole unit out. The bags are built to hold up again normal beach abrasion. The fact that I have such a durable system to provide the positive buoyancy in my boat really helps me to relax and paddle with confidence."TRAK Pilot Eder A. 

In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada. It can also include free shipping if combined with future delivery of TRAK 2.0 kayak.

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