It’s (About) Coming Together

I felt compelled to write about the TRAK Owner’s Retreat we hosted in the Canadian Rockies in August. This was the first of its kind, hosted by TRAK. Many TRAK owners have come together in the past, planned trips, and gone out on small outings, all the way to more than week-long trips in far-off, dreamed-up voyages all over the world. But this was the first time (and not the last) that we will host Owner’s Retreats. It is an opportunity for us to showcase the stunning backyard we call home, and bring together great people we are so fortunate to call our customers.


I’ve always been quite aware of the great people that seem to be drawn into adventure kayaking, and that seem to find their way to TRAK. Our customers are an eclectic group, but all seem to have this quality about them. The group that showed up on this Owner’s Retreat was no different. Many wonderful connections were made, and friends formed.


From experience (had by each attendee) comes (collective) wisdom. There were many good brainstorming sessions between our owners, and from that, many new trip ideas were conceived. We learned a lot, we made these connections possible, and opened up whole new adventures ahead.


Nolin Veillard

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Connie Lebrun
Connie Lebrun

October 01, 2016

I think I missed the notice for this – I live in Edmonton but have a place in Canmore – and would have definitely come down for it. When exactly was it? (I might have been away) and where was it? Our rowing club did some rowing touring the second weekend in August at Spray Lakes Reservoir and Two Jack Lake. I would like to know where to paddle down there.
Connie Lebrun

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