Be part of our never-ending video.


Established in 2006, we are so proud to be celebrating 10 years of TRAK. In June we put out a call to our TRAK owners to send us their video footage from their adventures wherever their TRAK kayaks had taken them.

We received footage from all over the globe. The result, the broadest ranging kayaking video ever, with footage from over 15 countries and in situations I am sure all of us would love to be in.

Due to their true portability, robust design and seaworthy nature, TRAK kayaks enable you to travel everywhere, man, without the risk of puncture or having to put a touring sea kayak on the roof of the vehicle (unless you want to). Then when you get home it fits in your closet.

Check out the video and see if you want to #TRAKeverywhere.

If you think that was cool and you own a TRAK, it would be cool to see you in there too. Send us your footage for version 2. Post your video to Youtube, Facebook or anywhere you like and give it a hashtag #TRAKeverywhere, and we’ll be in contact.

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