Feel Limited by Your Kayak? Think #TRAKeverywhere

Think of a bucket list of paddling destinations as the operating manual for #TRAKeverywhere. It’s music to our ears here at TRAK. It’s the sound of life unleashing and not letting anything get in the way of paddling anywhere! We like to think that the one essential piece of paddle adventure gear is (sounds obvious but it isn’t)… the kayak. Not only because it’s tough (pick-up truck proof!) but because it’s got that combination of portability and performance, you can finally count on for a dream adventure without compromise.

Julien Burellier, Dream Merchant and TRAK Pilot has partnered with us to guide tours from majestic Norwegian fjords to historic Venetian canals, from the sun-soaked French Riviera to the desert sands of Oman…. Yup, “TRAK’s been everywhere man, even to Oman, man…” (stay tuned). His fleet of choice: TRAK. His fleet has made it across Europe by car, bus, plane, even catamaran. His clients have paddled just to sip on a delightful glass of Domaine de l’IIe (only found on a little island in the Côte d’Azur) or to get to the world’s tallest building in Dubai, on the Persian Gulf.

Whether you’re up for exploring calm urban waterways and photographing 400 year-old Italian villas or cutting through meter-high Mediterranean swell (2' - 4’), the TRAK will adapt. There’s no compromise: it’s portable and light enough for a weekend jaunt and it’s performance-worthy and tough enough to handle almost any water condition with enough room for a week or more on the open sea. You may have your limits but you’re not likely to feel restricted by the TRAK.


Watch Video, en Francais, on France's National TV program Thalassa, of the TRAK kayaks in "Les Iles Mysterieuses" on the Mediterranean Sea.


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