September 21, 2021



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A Maritime pilot

A maritime pilot is a mariner who maneuvers ships through technical, congested, or dangerous waters. Maritime pilots are skilled professionals whose occupation has a history stretching back thousands of years. From Phoenician traders to Polynesian settlers, and from Portuguese explorers to modern naval captains; the art of pilotry is alive and well in this modern age. 



What is a TRAK Pilot?

TRAK Pilots are owner-ambassadors delivering first TRAK experiences to paddlers on 5 continents. As avid users of this craft, a TRAK Pilot has intimate knowledge of the TRAK 2.0 and can help you determine if this uniquely powerful kayak is right for you. 

Safety is important, and intention is paramount. When a paddler wants to become a TRAK Pilot, our team ensures that they have all of the foundational competencies to keep themselves and others safe while facilitating TRAK Experiences. Our experienced TRAK Pilots and coaches ensure that every new Pilot is ready to go. TRAK Pilots are not only leaders on-water, but off-water too - they choose to live a Life Unleashed.


Cole Wilde, TRAKs first Pilot-in-Residence:


Our Role

The TRAK Pilot program exists to help guide beginner and advanced paddlers, as well as paddlers-to-be, into the world of sea kayaking. The incredible benefits to human health and vitality that sea kayaking provides are self-evident, and Pilots support the community in discovering that for themselves. Being on a natural body of free-flowing water awakens the human spirit. You can read more on the power and role of water in Our Acknowledgement of Water blog post



Our TRAK Pilots are ready to guide you

Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to discover the unique capabilities of our TRAK 2.0, or you are a complete beginner who's looking for their first sea kayaking experience, our TRAK Pilots are ready to guide you. Our Pilots have your back when it comes to helping you connect with H²O. 

We have Pilots offering TRAK Experiences in many amazing paddling locations, like Seattle, Vancouver Island, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, and many others!




Does this resonate with you as a current TRAK owner?

Start down the path to becoming a TRAK Pilot by completing the following TRAK Pilot Ambassador application form:






At TRAK we're keeping it real.

Human to Human - that's the TRAK way.





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