Our Acknowledgement of Water

July 09, 2021

Our Acknowledgement of Water


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We're taking a serious stand for water.



Water is the blue gold of our planet.

TRAK is not just a kayak company, but a global community of paddlers with a shared affinity for water. We see water as the "blue gold" of our planet -  It is the source of life as we know it, and the shared origin of all things living within nature. 

No Water — No Life.  Know Water  Know Life.


Photo: Yannis Papanastasopoulos



Stagnation = Illness


We all know not to drink from a stagnant pond; we teach our children at a young age that this water is more likely to accumulate bacteria and pollutants. The water does not drain or replenish when in a stagnant state - not releasing the bad to make way for the good.   

The human body works in a similar manner to a pool of water. Your body requires activity to maintain your health and wellness, and recreating on healthy bodies of water is a great way to keep your own body healthy. Kayaking, canoeing, SUP, swimming, surfing - all of these activities will help keep your body in great shape while also helping you develop an appreciation for water.



Photo: Vaiva Deksnyte


Energetic, Flowing water = Health & Vitality


There is something invigorating about drinking from a powerful river. The flow of the water dispenses with contaminants and harmful microorganisms, making that drink an enjoyable, pure, life-sustaining experience. 

Like a river, the water in our bodies must flow. Not only does it feel amazing to get outdoors for exercise and recreation, but it will quite literally put more time on your clock! How much time, you ask? Up to 0.4 - 6.9 more years, according to one article of 44 peer-reviewed studies - and that doesn't mean 6.9 extra "diaper years", but an extended period where you are healthy and fit and able to manage your own life with dignity and independence. 


Photo: Linda Xu


Photo: Dax Justin


When our natural flow restricts, we stagnate


TRAK Pilot Cole Wilde says:

" Life is a series of ups and downs. When we're up we can literally describe the feeling as FLOW; everything in life seems to be effortless. We lose our sense of self and time seems to mysteriously dilate as if we are stepping out of our own bodies.

This is something that is commonly referred to as Temporary Transient Hypo-frontality AKA the "Flow" State - check out the work of the folks at the Flow Research Collective for more information on Flow Science."


Photo: Jean Wimmerlin


Photo: Vincent Camacho


Health and Humanity


Someone who owns their sovereignty and empowerment needs a kayak like the TRAK 2.0  someone who is constantly in the pursuit of taking back their own health and vitality.

The sea kayak has sustained countless generations of humans, and it continues to nourish us to this day with its gifts of bodily exercise, massaging the psyche, and watering the soul. TRAK has created a pathway to help you take your health and vitality back from stagnation, and help you to start dancing with the sea.


Photo: Teng Yart


The Reality and Our Situation


TRAK, like many other outdoor gear companies, have had our "flow" of manufacturing impacted adversely by the COVID-19 pandemic. We're very proud and glad to say that our supply chain is in place, fully activated, and that production is going ahead on 800 kayaks over the next 12-14 months - this did not come without sacrifice and frustration.

Over 600 of the 800 kayaks that we are building in the next year are spoken for at this time, and we salute and are grateful to the wonderful customers who comprise the TRAK community - we can't do this without them.


Photo: Cassie Matias


If you're committed to paddling next year, then it is imperative that you place your TRAK 2.0 pre-order now for 2024:





How do you feel after kayaking, swimming, or walking beside the sea? Do you feel like your vitality is improved? Let us know with a comment below!


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