TRAK Owners Gathering - 2024

Low Experience Pre-requisite / Higher Focus on Skills Training / TRAK Kayak NOT PROVIDED

Led by TRAK Pilots and the HQ team, we invite you to join us for this symposium-style event. We will make use of the group camping facilities on Saysutshun (Newcastle) Island, easily accessible from the Nanaimo harbour. There are bathroom facilities present, as well as several other amenities nearby - this will not be a "rugged" experience.

Skills training topics include paddling skills, techniques, and mastery of the TRAK 2.0 itself. TRAK Pilots and guest presenters bring a wide spectrum of expertise, with programming planned for both novice and experienced paddlers.

We look forward to strengthening our communal ties and forging friendships that inspire future expeditions and simple trips. There will be some festive entertainment, such as live music, to enjoy in the evenings after dinner.

There is an optional multi-day tour to DeCourcy Island at the end of the gathering, which will take place from September 30 - October 2. The conclusion of the gathering is also a perfect launchpad to other adventures on Vancouver Island.

  • Country: British Columbia, Canada
  • Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights
  • Dates: September 27 - 30, 2024
  • Skill Level: All are welcome

What we're going to do

You'll arrive in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island with your gear in tow, where the TRAK Pilot Team will coordinate your crossing to Newcastle Island - you can either paddle over or take a small ferry. 

After our opening ceremony featuring a visit from a local First Nation artist and storyteller, we will establish our camp and prepare our equipment for the paddling days ahead. 

The skills progression component will begin in earnest on the morning of September 28th with a foundational segment about boat control, with on-land "seamanship" components sprinkled throughout the gathering. 



Tour Itinerary

Expedition Plan:

  • DAY 1: Opening ceremony, camp orientation, and evening inaugural paddle
  • DAY 2: Foundational boat control skills, assisted + self rescues, TRAK mastery
  • DAY 3: Applying foundation while touring to local islands and features
  • Day 4: Optional morning paddle, launch of DeCourcy group, Gathering wrap up

We will also take situational opportunities to advance in areas such as rolling, line + contact towing, and applying seamanship concepts in a practical way.

Sign up for an orientation call for more info!  


Francie Petit

"It was so great, I don't live by the ocean so to me being with experts and learning, feeling more confident now to just paddle in the ocean, knowing how to time the tidal changes and the currents, to be able to go through Dodd Narrows like we did - it was really cool! We had a great group of people, I wasn't sure I could do it but opted to try and I'm so thankful I did and had such a supportive group with me."

Francie Petit

Natalie Kelly

“That was really fun. He just broke it down… It’s funny when you have someone take the time to go through things that might be natural. He broke down the surf process into little bitty pieces that made me way more comfortable. I would have never just dove in and done that on my own.”

Natalie Kelly

Where we're going

What's included in the tour

A comprehensive packing list will be shared upon trip registration.

  • Campsite accommodations on Saysutshun Island (Newcastle)
  • Comprehensive TRAK 2.0 product training
  • Catered Meals
  • Festive Entertainment
  • Guided Skills Instruction

Not included

  • Your TRAK 2.0 + paddling gear
  • Tent. sleeping gear, and personal camp kit
  • Transportation to Saysutshun Island
  • Gratuities

September 2024

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