The Essentials of Paddling a TRAK Kayak

February 24, 2012

Our focus with The TRAK Files web video series is to educate and inspire paddlers with what a kayak like ours is capable of providing to a beginner or advanced adventure paddler. The TRAK design is very unique. Because of that, it is our challenge to have people REALLY understand the nuances, the pros & cons, and the practical aspects of paddling and using the T-1600, both on and off the water.

The new Red T-1600 for 2012

This is a performance folding kayak. It assembles with ease (from our average customer) in under 15 minutes. It can carry gear for up to 10-14 day trips. Once on the water, this kayak is fast and agile and paddles efficiently like a fibreglass or composite hardshell. You can change the hull shape (more or less ‘rocker’ or ‘trim’), based on paddling conditions, paddler preference and skill level. These are all claims that are pretty hard to believe until you see or experience paddling it yourself. I understand that. The TRAK Files is a way for us to demonstrate some of these concepts and give useful tips and tricks for paddling this unique craft. Thank you to our TRAK owners out there that are showing us what this kayak is capable of doing. And kudos to Jaime Sharp for bringing this video series to life.

As an example, in Episode 2 Off TRAK Rescues, sea kayak guide Manuel Martel discovered the importance of having properly inflated and placed gear floatation bladders for safe rescues and the advantage of the sea sock for both self-supported and assisted rescues. Allie Carroll discovered the proper placement of the paddle blade for paddle float re-entries. Watch it NOW! Let us know what you think.

In FUTURE episodes, you can expect to see us explore rolling & advanced paddling techniques, international travel, assembly, changing the hull shape, surfing and rough water, and some surprises as well. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Be strong navigating your waters,

~ Nolin

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