The Maiden Voyage…from the Inuit to TRAK to Scotland

April 24, 2014

At TRAK Kayaks, we are setting some amazing journeys in motion and are equally blessed by the incredible people and experiences that are seeming to show up at a rampant pace. When we launched our Seeker ST 16 kayak, we knew it was time to honor the roots of the kayak. We contacted some of our connections in the north and found a couple Inuit artists to commission original carvings of the early Inuit kayaks and their brave warriors that set out into the frigid waters to provide for their families. (there are still some available!) This is the start of a long relationship we intend to create with some communities in the Iqaluit and Cape Dorset region of Canada’s Eastern Arctic.

We got a delightful surprise when the first new “Seeker” arrived in the hands of a very respectful, inspired and avid paddler in the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland. The New Seeker Waterfall Maiden Voyage 2Isle of Mull is a popular destination for naturalists and photographers being one of the primary spots in the UK for seeing some of Britain’s more elusive species. It is no doubt that Kirsty lives in a beautiful area, and she is clear about the history, lineage and connection to her roots in Scotland. She discussed this here, “In Scotland, there are stories of a sealskin covered man landing on our western isles, possibly a tuilik-wearing hunter who had been swept off course – and possibly giving rise to our myth of the Selkie, which may be the name of my new TRAK kayak.”

After she received her new ‘Mystic Red’ “Selkie” Seeker last week, she shared the account of her first experience:

“This morning the God of New boats had blessed us with idyllic conditions… and so we baptized our hunter in the seawater of his new home.

Kirsty 2

And he raised his harpoon in salute as we set out on our maiden voyage…

What a fabulous boat, and carving. It was a lovely paddle in my backyard, exploring islets and cutting across the loch with the bow set on a course for the waterfall.”

~ Kirsty, owner of the TRAK Seeker (Isle of Mull, Scotland)

She has now been invited to paddle her in the Bay of Naples, Italy. Now that the baptism is complete, the journeys will continue, and we wish her the experiences of a lifetime as she seeks forward.

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