Gearlab Outdoors: Akiak 2pc Carbon Fibre Paddle



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Akiak is the world's first Greenland style paddle with replaceable ProTek tips. A perfect entry level carbon fiber paddle for optimal balance between efficiency and comfort. Akiak tributes to the meaning of bravery in Inuit.


Inuit Ingenuity & Modern Technology

Greenland style paddle blades make contact with the water covering roughly the same surface area as Euro-blades, but the even distribution results in a smoother stroke and more control in the water. The narrow blade also creates less resistance in the air, allowing paddlers to explore further with less physical strain.


Color Options

The Akiak is available in two vibrant colors to match your kayak, gear or mood.

Original ProTek Tip

Gearlab’s signature ProTek tip design bolsters the ends of the Gearlab Greenland paddle with an easily replaceable tip made from a durable polyamide material. This provides confidence in rocky or shallow waters, and the option to customize a paddle with colored tips.


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