Business in a Bag - Pilot Program


TRAK's 'Business in a Bag' is an alternative business model to the old-fashioned guiding practice.

This is a partner business program; with incredible return on investment.


How it Works:

  • Claim a fleet of four (4) TRAK 2.0 kayaks @ US$300 each Deposit
  • TRAK finances the production of your fleet, and delivers to you with a balance owing
  • Utilize your TRAK fleet for a guiding business, free from the increased overhead associated with 'Brick & Mortar' business models
  • As you work and "churn" with your fleet, chip away at the balance owing on your boats through a tailored plan and earned activity
  • You can follow the 'ski-shop' model to sell off your kayaks each year, turn a profit on their sale, and re-invest into a new fleet purchased at your Pilot Pro Deal rate.

The goal of this new program is provide you with a fleet of 4 or 8 new TRAK 2.0 kayaks to use in your guiding and instruction practice at a very good discount, allowing you to claim your fleet for a mere $300 per kayak deposit and then pay off the balance AFTER delivery.

FULL PRICE for a fleet of 4 kayaks is USD$11,000 with a mere USD$1200 Deposit ($300 per kayak). Total Price is USD$2,750 per kayak. Balance payments and or pay down schedule commence upon notice of delivery. Refer to the payment schedule determined during previous discussions. Colour options, spray skirt sizing and additional accessories to be determined in follow up conversations. 

Claim 8 kayaks for a total price of $22,000, and receive a complimentary fleet support kit valued at USD$1,500. 

Questions? Please reach out to Jason or Hans at