Looking for some help in financing your TRAK? We have a few different options for you.

    - Pay $US 2,999 today and get it shipped to you free in North America*

    - TRY a new Seeker ST 16 kayak for $1,000 down (refundable deposit)**. It will ship in 3 days or less. After 30 days of test paddling you have the following options:

    • buy it outright for $1,999
    • pay one additional monthly payment of $1,000 and a second of $999 and it’s yours
    • do nothing, and monthly payments of $US100 will be charged to your credit card over the next 23 months
    • return your kayak, you only pay for the return shipping

      *Free in North America covers Canada and the contiguous states of the USA.
      **Refundable deposit will be net of return shipping, see terms and conditions for details


      * Complete terms of the Try TRAK option are included in our TRAK Kayak Purchase Agreement