Looking for some help in financing your TRAK? We have a few different options for you.

    - PRE-ORDER a TRAK through Kickstarter in May/June 2017, for delivery in spring 2018 (get a discount for pre-ordering and paying in full through Kickstarter)

    - SECURE a new TRAK ST 16 kayak for $1,500 down (non-refundable deposit)*. It is anticipated to ship in March or April of 2018. Prior to shipping, you have the following options:

    • buy it outright for an additional $1,499 (save $400 as Introductory Offer)
    • Sign a Kayak Purchase Finance Agreement, and start monthly payments of $US100 will be charged to your credit card over the next 20 months

      *Non-refundable deposit will be non-refundable for the first 12 months from the time of Deposit, then it becomes refundable. This Deposit is net of return shipping, see terms and conditions for details


      * Complete terms of the Kayak Pre-Order Deposit option are included in our TRAK Kayak Purchase Agreement