“A pilot is a mariner who guides ships through dangerous or congested waters. Pilots are expert shiphandlers who possess detailed knowledge of local waterways. Pilotage is one of the oldest professions, as old as sea travel itself...” 

TRAK's Unique Ambassador Program

The TRAK Pilot Program was created to expand the possibilities in our mission, Life Unleashed, across the world. TRAK Pilots are a network of global mobile paddlers and ambassadors for TRAK – a customer-support team – helping to open paddling possibilities and share their TRAK experience. A TRAK Pilot can help you navigate.

Pilots may be available to demonstrate our products for you, support your buying decision, share insight, provide support or answer specific questions. 

What is a TRAK Pilot?

Pilots are Seekers first - seekers of adventure. "Seeker" is not only the name of our kayak but it is also captures the spirit of TRAK owners, who explore life not for the destination but for the experience of the journey itself. 

Pilots are Paddlers - paddling the waterways of the world, whether exotic destinations or their own backyard, at home on the water and part of a growing global community of mobile water recreation enthusiasts. We have TRAK Pilots that are beginner to intermediate paddlers, through to kayak guides and professional instructors.

Pilots are Free Agents - free of walls and ceilings, the way you feel on the water in a TRAK, free to flow - anytime, anywhere, anywater. Freedom is the foundation of the TRAK Pilot program, allowing the TRAK Pilot to bring their best to the program, and having it work well within their life. 

Read more about the TRAK Pilot Program on our blog:

PILOTING: One of the World's Oldest Professions? 

It's the 2017 TRAK Pilot Casting Call 


On our FIND TRAK page you'll find TRAK Pilots mapped around the world







Passions: Exploring, Photography, World History, Indigenous Cultures
Home Base: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Brazilian coastline and the Amazon rainforest, Italian coastline including Sicily, Tokyo harbor, Chile, Argentina, the East Coast of the US, Canada
Planned Destinations: Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Iceland and Greenland
Area of Expertise: Folding kayaks, Greenland paddling, Expedition kayaking
Kayaking Experience: Advanced - Level 3 ACA Instructor
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, some Spanish and Italian

Retired from the airline industry, Paul has created a business model out of his passions. He manufactures carbon fiber Greenland paddles and leads tours and expeditions in the Amazon rain forest with his TRAK kayaks. He takes advantage of these expeditions to learn from and photograph the indigenous peoples in the regions and is actively pursuing explorations in other jungles around the world. Paul is very knowledgeable about folding kayaks, having built his own and having owned and tested just about everything out there. An ACA level 3 coastal kayaking instructor, Paul has taken advantage of the portability of the TRAK to visit many different parts of the world, and can share with you details of why he chose the TRAK kayaks not only for himself but for his tours. Passionate about kayaking and travel, Paul is a true fan! 



Passions: Exploring, Connecting with like-minded individuals, Teaching, Traveling
Home Base: Thunder Bay, ON,  Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: Great Lakes of North America, to both the east and west coasts, to Baja Mexico, Patagonia Chile and even to the remote islands of French Polynesia
Planned Destinations: The World
Area of Expertise: Outdoor educator, Adventure writer and Enthusiast
Kayaking Experience: Advanced/Professional
Languages Spoken: English

Zack has been paddling since he was very young. Educated in Outdoor Recreation, Zack found his true passion for sea kayaking on the beautiful freshwater Canadian north shore of Lake Superior. He has worked in outdoor education around the world leading all sorts of expeditions. Zack's sense of discovery and enthusiasm for sea kayaking is contagious. Follow him as he continues to venture to some of the most remote coastal areas and islands, always curious to learn about the people, the sea and the surrounding landscapes. Equipped with a folding expedition TRAK Kayak, Zack is truly a paddler unleashed! 



Passions: Surf kayaking, Sea kayaking, Photography, Travel
Home Base: Currimundi, Queensland, Australia
Previous Paddling Destinations: Jersey UK, Europe, down the length of the Americas whilst on an overland trip with my Land Rover Defender
Planned Destinations: Australian east coast
Area of Expertise: Sea kayak coach in coastal navigation
Kayaking Experience: Advanced/Professional, Level 3 BCU Coach
Languages Spoken: English


David has been paddling his TRAK since 2012. He says that it has allowed him to access destinations where the rental of kayaking equipment was either none existent or not practical. His most memorable experience was paddling alongside hump back whales. He enjoys sharing kayaking adventures with others and is enthused by the prospect of finding some new paddling friends. David aims at expanding his list of paddling destinations – get out there and join him! 



Passions: Cycling, Skiing, Hiking, Organic gardening, Kayaking and his best friend “Jazz” a yellow lab
Home Base: Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: Allouette River, Pitt Lake, lower mainland lakes in BC, Isla Mujere – Cancun, Anacortes
Planned Destinations: Beautiful BC and beyond
Area of Expertise: Humanity, Gardening, Outdoor life
Kayaking Experience: Beginner – Intermediate Paddler
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish and some French

Bruce has been paddling his kayak since the early TRAK days and knows how to build excitement around his passions. He has worked on an accessibility project with a group in Pitt Meadows with TRAK in his spare time. Bruce has done some crabbing from his TRAK too - check out his videos. He’s quite the photographer as well. Bruce enjoys connecting with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and helping them get to know the TRAK. He has travelled with his TRAK in tow and surfed tidal waves in Cancun. Meet Bruce, the legend! 



Passions: Travel, Photography, Exploring the world
Home Base: Whistler, BC, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Greenland, Quebec, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia
Planned Destinations: The World
Area of Expertise: Social Media, Self-supported wilderness travel, Photography, Videography
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Wolof

Roberto and Cherine ("Bella") are members of our extended family and part of the TRAK Adventure Team. They have travelled all the worlds’ continents and brought their TRAK kayaks on many of their adventures. The Expeditioners have built an unconventional lifestyle and a business around their photography as they test gear for top manufacturers on outback, off the grid travel. The couple has tested their kayaks in some of the most extreme conditions; this is a true testament to what TRAK offers global explorers. Roberto enjoys packing his 16’ wonder kayak wherever in the world water may be, and Bella paddles keenly on the journey they share. Follow the Expeditioners as they take on their next project. They inspire followers and fulfill bucket list destinations through their amazing way of life! 



Passions: Travel, Anything outdoors, Cross-cultural experiences
Home Base: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Previous Paddling Destinations: Northern Quebec, Baja, Mexico
Planned Destinations: Central America, Europe, Asia
Area of Expertise: Youth educational travel guiding, media campaigns, and adventurous travel
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin


Wang-Tsu (or "1-2") has been paddling his TRAK since 2010 and he says that it has allowed him to access isolated lakes and rivers in Atlantic Canada. His most memorable experience was paddling Manicouagan in northern Quebec with The Expeditioners in some crazy weather conditions. He enjoys kayaking for the unexpected experiences that are predictable! Wang-Tsu looks forward to some crazy trips around the world in his TRAK!



Passions: Paddling, Horseback riding, Developing skills, Taking on new challenges
Home Base: Olympia, Washington, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Puget Sound, Columbia River, Florida
Planned Destinations: World
Area of Expertise: Coastal kayaking, Mastering skills in kayaking, his profession and other passions
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English


Will has been paddling his TRAK since 2008. His work has him travelling regularly and living on the west coast makes the TRAK a great fit for some of his spontaneous adventures. Will’s most memorable experience with his TRAK was downwind surfing in the Columbia River in 20kts of wind. He appreciates the luxury of keeping his boat in the car and taking advantage of paddling opportunities as they come. He also brags that he does not need to plan for 2 vehicles, as he can take transit to return to his vehicle once he gets off the water. Will’s way of life is to, "Live like someone left the gate open!"



Passions: Travel, Adventure, Mountain biking, Multi-sport junkie
Home Base: Hilton, New York, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Great Lakes, Adirondacks
Planned Destinations: World
Area of Expertise: Packing gear for travel, Kayaking, Multi-day trips
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish



Jeff has been kayaking for 14 years and paddling his TRAK kayaks for 5. He’s taught classes in flat water, multi-day/week outings and white water. Jeff is a photographer and enjoys the portability of his TRAK. He enjoys having the accessibility it provides on any road trip he takes and feels comfort in knowing that he can use his kayak at the drop of a hat while keeping it safely locked up in his vehicle as he takes on other adventures. Jeff enjoys showing them off as he unfolds them on the beach. Get out there and explore the TRAK with Jeff, he’s got some amazing stories to tell!



Passions: Paddling, Cycling, Traveling, Forests and oceans, Living a kick-ass life
Home Base: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: Panama, Johnstone Straight, Broughton Archipellago, Haida Gwaii, Great Bear Rainforest, Gulf Islands and West Coast Vancouver Island
Planned Destinations: New Zealand in 2015/16
Area of Expertise: Spreading the inherent joy and therapeutic effects of being in nature
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, some French

Allie has been paddling a TRAK since 2011. Her first multi-day trip was a 16 day circumnavigation of Panama’s largest island, Isla Coiba, also known as the Galapagos of Panama. Her most memorable experience was launching into surf with a 6-foot crocodile at her bow. Allie spends her summers guiding and instructing on the Canadian west coast and heads to warmer climates during the Canadian winters. She has recently completed a solo cycle tour of the west coast of the United States and has since found another favourite mode of travel in cycle touring. For Allie, life unleashed means to carry herself with joy as she plays and travels the earth, creating meaningful moments with others, and to make sure that every choice she makes is coming from her own truth - “is this what I truly want right now?”. Meet this TRAK ambassador and see how you can live unleashed too!



Passions: Travel, Anything on the water - Kayaking, Paddleboarding, and Sailing, learning new things
Home Base: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: The 10,000 Islands area in Florida, Florida springs, the Florida Keys, Honduras Bay Islands, the Exumas, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Grenada and the Grenadines
Planned Destinations: Cuba, Swedish fjords
Area of Expertise: Kayak camping, surfing
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Hindi

Whitney and Kevin have been paddling their TRAKs since 2010 and credit them for making it possible to reach all those remote destinations and exotic camping spots. They shared a heart-pumping story about racing against the weather and winning just in time as a waterspout was forming. They have paddled with swimming pigs, yes pigs, and camped on remote islands with views of both the sunrise and the sunset – from the same spot. They are both at the right stage of life to refocus their lives to become more water-centric. Kevin is near retirement, and Whitney is now shifting her writing, teaching, and research to water. For this couple a “Life Unleashed” means the freedom to visit new places and see places nearby from a different perspective. For them, what matters is being on the water, together, and sharing those experiences with their friends. Kevin and Whitney look forward to meeting like-minded people and to build new paddling connections; they enjoy helping paddlers build their skills. Whitney was a whitewater instructor at NOC for several years, and Kevin was a raft guide. Now they have strong ties with Paddle Florida and continue to explore new ways of connecting with water. They are looking for opportunities that will help them be on the water in new places and increase their skill level and build a larger community of performance paddlers. Connect with this paddling duo today!



Passions: Family, Sea kayaking, Modifying motorcycles, Jungle wildlife especially birds of prey
Home Base: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Previous Paddling Destinations: The Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers near Phnom Penh
Planned Destinations: Cambodian coast
Area of Expertise: Any engineering repairs related to folding kayaks
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English


Dave’s home is in Siem Reap but he works in Phnom Penh and has been paddling his TRAK for 2 years. He enjoys evening paddling and has made himself two smaller bags to transport his TRAK which makes it easier for him to fit his kayak into a small company car. For Dave, being able to go anywhere to explore new waterways and reaching remote spots is something he enjoys about his TRAK and he enjoys sharing that experience with others. Contact Dave to find out more about exploring SE Asia with a TRAK!



Passions: White water kayaking, Hiking, Multi-day rafting with his family, Playing guitar with The Wigs
Home Base: Feilding, Manawatu, New Zealand
Previous Paddling Destinations: Abel Tasman NP, Hawkes Bay, Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Islands, Nelson Lakes NP, Lake Taupo New Zealand
Planned Destinations: Marlborough Sounds, Fiordland NP
Area of Expertise: Adventure kayaking
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate -25 years white water kayaking, 5 years sea kayaking
Languages Spoken: Czech, English

Martin has been paddling his TRAK since 2013 and he says that it has provided him with the unique experience of happiness, speed and freedom – in that order. Martin has had his TRAK on many trips in the car trunk and though he doesn’t always end up using it, it is never a burden to bring along. He says: “It’s easy to travel with! It doesn’t require a roof rack, there is no checking on your kayak and no need to secure it. When the car is packed, I like having my TRAK in my roof box instead.” Martin is starting a new business with inflatable kayaks and looks forward to promoting TRAK in his area and being part of the global TRAK Team! He has been in the boating and inflatable kayak business for many years and has a good understanding of the value offered by TRAK. Meet Martin, our New Zealand TRAK Pilot!



Passions: Long-distance cycling trips, Sea kayaking, Swimming, Energy efficiency, the Environment
Home Base: Salford, UK
Previous Paddling Destinations: Sweden, UK and his backyard - Anglesey
Planned Destinations: Sweden, some of the islands in the Mediterranean (Menorca, Mallorca, parts of Italy and Greece)
Area of Expertise: Long-distance camping trips (1-2 weeks)
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate / Advanced, Level 3 BCU
Languages Spoken: English, French, Swedish


Eric has been paddling his TRAK since 2012 and boast about its portability and stow-ability; even without a car or a garage, he can own a kayak! Eric has been getting to places he didn’t think he would, places few others get to see. He enjoys vast, open windswept places and his TRAK kayak helps him get there. This paddler enjoys connecting with other kayakers and being part of the community. If you’re in the UK and you would like to speak to someone about the practicality of a TRAK, you need to meet Eric!



Passions: Photography, Outdoor adventures, Hiking, Paragliding, Exploring new horizons
Home Base: Bulle - Geneva/Lausanne area, Switzerland
Previous Paddling Destinations: Switzerland, Italy (Venice and Sardinia)
Planned Destinations: Dream trip to paddle from Sardinia to Corsica, Croatia, Norwegian Fjords
Area of Expertise: Flatwater paddling, Fitness training
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate (self-taught)
Languages Spoken: French, English, Bulgarian, some German and Russian


Peter lives in the middle of Switzerland and jokes that he’s nowhere near the sea! But he takes his TRAK everywhere – lakes, rocky beaches, rivers, adventure destinations – and uses it anytime – before work, after work, weekends: “I would use it even in my bathtub if it would fit.” Peter’s most memorable trip was to Venice, 6 hours away, and with TRAK in trunk, he was soon racing gondolas down the Grand Canal. In fact, tourists repointed their cameras away from family and friends to capture the spectacle of a kayak in the canal. The TRAK’s hardshell-equivalent speed really attracted this Pilot and he trains for racing marathons, most recently a 70 km paddle across Lake Geneva. For Peter, it is all about freedom and flexibility - he keeps his TRAK in the trunk all the time now.



Passions: Paddling (25 years), Outdoor advocate, Paddling, Hiking, Backpacking
Home Base: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Previous Paddling Destinations: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Barrier Islands, Mississippi River, Rio de Janeiro area
Planned Destinations: Brazil - lagoons and coastal areas
Area of Expertise: Greenland blade / Inuit-inspired paddler
Kayaking Experience: Advanced, Level 3 BCU Coach, ACA Coach
Languages Spoken: English, French, some Portuguese


Jeff just loves getting people on the water, and then watching their smiles and listening to their stories. He’s the proud father of twin daughters. He loves kayaking (25 years of it), founded the kayaking club in St. Louis, MO about 15 years ago and just recently moved to Brazil. His most memorable experience was surfing the open ocean just west of Rio. For Jeff, the TRAK provided the “freedom to travel to remote locations with an excellent kayak that has the same characteristics you would expect from a rigid kayak.” As a Pilot, he’s relishing the opportunity to share the passion and exhilaration of paddling with others.



Passions: Sailing, Kayaking, Textile, Leather crafting
Home Base: Ingolstadt, Germany
Previous Paddling Destinations: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Adriatic Sea (Croatia), Danube River
Planned Destinations: Philippines, Croatia, North Russia - White Sea
Area of Expertise: Creative Engineer, Improving things
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: German, English, French, Italian, some Spanish and Russian


Gregor has been paddling his TRAK since 2014, when he met our team at an event in Germany. Since then he has quickly discovered the freedom of leaving his work behind to go on paddling adventures. As an engineer with a young family, Gregor loves the technical features of the TRAK and the idea of taking it wherever he wants. He has travelled north and south and plans to travel overseas with his TRAK soon. This Pilot wants to share his enjoyment of the TRAK with others and find like-minded people to build a team for future expeditions. If you are looking for an adventure or you would like to chat about the technical features: Gregor is the Pilot you need to meet!



Passions: Being Outside, Kayaking, Climbing, Photography and Video Production, My Chocolate Lab Emma, Cooking
Home Base: Seattle, WA, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest, Broken Group Islands, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Rivers of Colorado and Wyoming
Planned Destinations: Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island Circumnavigation
Area of Expertise: Visual Storytelling
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, some German


Matthew Williams has been paddling for years. He started as a whitewater enthusiast and more recently has discovered sea kayaking in the Pacific Northwest. Matthew started paddling his TRAK in the fall of 2014 as part of an assignment for Outdoor Project. Matthew paddled 25 adventures (mostly solo) in the Seattle region – the highlight having been the San Juan Islands – and created some beautiful stories and logs that are now featured on the Outdoor Project website. When Matthew is not paddling his TRAK he is paddling his beautiful hand-crafted cedar strip which he built himself. Matthew feels lucky that his work and play intersect quite frequently, life unleashed for him is keeping the balance and passion for his photography as well as exploring the natural world. Test paddle a TRAK with Matthew in Seattle!



Passions: Environmental Awareness, Human Rights, Community Development
Home Base: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Previous Paddling Destinations: Australia: East coast estuaries, Northern Territory tropical wetland, Western Australia in Lake Argyle in the Kimberley ranges, South Australia in the Murray River and the Jervis Bay Australian Capital Territory
Planned Destinations: New Zealand, Tasmania, Pacific Islands and East Timor
Area of Expertise: Customizing his TRAK
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, Australian, some Spanish and French


Zephyr has been kayaking since he was in his teens. Two and a half years ago he bought his first kayak – he picked up his TRAK from a dealership in Sydney, Australia and jumped on the train to bring it home. Zephyr loves that in his TRAK he can paddle twice as far because he doesn’t need to return to his put-in spot. He enjoys the calmness of being on the water and believes that whatever gets you on the water tends to make you happier. Zephyr likes the skin on frame and what makes this kayak unique is the simplicity in the design and his experience of feeling the rippling waves through the skin as he paddles. This kayak is light and maneuverable and Zephyr has worked out the trick to getting to the front of the line at airports, but you will need to ask him for the details!



Passions: Anything outdoors and remote
Home Base: Squamish, BC, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: BC coast, Greenland, Norway, Chilean Patagonia, Persian Gulf, Australia, Alaska
Planned Destinations: Bahamas, North (Arctic)
Area of Expertise: Expedition paddling, West coast, Currents, Surf paddling
Kayaking Experience: Professional
Languages Spoken: English


Don has been paddling his TRAK since the summer of 2015. He chose this kayak because of its unique ability to operate in a variety of environments and to travel with. Don says: "the diversity of experiences is amazing!" He is a guide and instructor with Capilano University’s School of Outdoor Recreation and is experienced with a wide range of kayak types. Being unleashed with a TRAK allows him the opportunity to explore and adventure: this summer, inspired by Farley Mowat, Don took his TRAK to Nunavut and paddled the Coppermine River. Don’s most memorable experience: “boofing" a boulder sieve on the Coppermine River. He does not recommend this in a folding boat but the TRAK came out surprisingly well. If you would like to paddle a TRAK with Don, he’s ready to share the experience with you - contact us.



Passions: Flying a Helicopter, Travelling and Exploring the World, Photography
Home Base: Schagen, Netherlands (North Holland, 1 hour from Amsterdam)
Previous Paddling Destinations: The many canals and waterways of North Holland, South of France, UK
Planned Destinations: Sweden, South France, Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Area of Expertise: Short tripping (1-3 days)
Kayaking Experience: Novice to Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, Danish and some Dutch


Adventurer, family man and keen photographer Lee Harris, who is originally from the UK, and his wife, originally from Denmark, are busy people. They are both helicopter pilots, and love to fly! They also have an active and adventurous young family. Like many, he sought out ways to integrate kayaking into his very full professional and personal life. Enter the TRAK kayak. Lee says that the TRAK kayak is “real-world usable”. He goes on by saying “Due to its portability, rapid set up and pack down combined with its hardshell-like performance, my TRAK simply facilitates me paddling when it would otherwise not be possible. For me, like other non-professional paddlers, kayaking must fit around my family and professional life. Being able to put my TRAK in the car and fit paddling into a normal day is a game-changer”. Lee likes that he has the possibility to take opportunities to experience a great moment and to get away from the “normal” routines. So take an opportunity to meet Lee; he enjoys meeting great people and sharing his experiences with wondering minds!



Passions: Enjoying the simplicity of the outdoors, Conserving nature, “leave no trace” approach, History and Heritage in paddling, Hiking
Home Base: Berlin, Germany
Previous Paddling Destinations: Rivers and lakes reaching from Berlin to the Baltic Sea
Planned Destinations: Barcelona, Hamburg, Scotland, and the UK (and “dream trips” to Clayoquot Sound, BC, Queen Charlotte Islands and Ontario’s Great Lakes)
Area of Expertise: Folding kayaks, Freshwater paddling, and Navigating forests, lakes and rivers
Kayaking Experience: Experienced fresh water paddler (plans to get ocean and open water training as well)
Languages Spoken: German and English


Sascha comes from a heritage of folding kayaks and paddling in Germany and in family lineage. His grandparents paddled folding kayaks in the 1930’s, and his father was also an avid paddler. Being drawn to skin-on-frame kayaks and the intuitive feel on the water, Sascha owned another brand of folding kayak several years ago, but sold it as his lifestyle changed and he started to work as business trainer and coach. Recently, he got the idea to combine his ever so fresh passion for kayaking with his profession – taking his coachees out on kayaking trips to experience the soothing effect of paddling and to learn new communication skills at the same time.
He discovered the TRAK as the perfect boat for that purpose. As Sascha describes, “I love the portability of the Seeker and that I can just grab my bag, jump on a train, put the boat together in no-time, and just concentrate on my coachees. The kayak has enough volume for plenty of gear, is fast yet comfortable, and keeping up with doubles is no trouble at all!” Connect with Sascha, and get the benefit of his generational knowledge of folding kayaks!