Discovery Days

The Discovery Day is exactly what it sounds like; a day for new TRAK owners to uncover the tips and tricks of assembling their new boats, to connect with their local community of like-minded owners, and to begin down a path of developing the necessary skills + experience to truly discover what they (and their new boats!) are capable of on the water.


Read about Discovery Day Nº 1: Berlin →


These TRAK Pilot-led experiences are open to all new owners of the TRAK 2.0, and their execution is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our community with a solid foundation in the “paddling arts”. With such a global network of Pilots, these experiences will be available to paddlers in many parts of the worlds.



Get a Test Paddle

Whether the TRAK is your first kayak or your tenth kayak, a Pilot-led discovery day will provide you with the tools you need to gain mastery over your new kayak, and the put you on the path for development as a paddler. TRAK Pilots will walk you through all of the tips, tricks, and best practices in setting up your TRAK, customizing and outfitting, tear down, and maintenance. We’ll transmit this knowledge within a framework that encourages skills progression both at a beginner and advanced level.


More upcoming worldwide Discovery Days to be announced!