60L Gear Floatation Dry Bags (Set of 2)

TRAK's Gear Floatation Dry bags are an essential accessory for skin-on-frame kayaks:

  • Pack and stow up to 1-2 weeks of gear in a dry environment
  • Provides displacement, floatation and buoyancy required for a safe paddling experience
  • Can be installed through the cockpit or through the keder storage system behind the seat
  • Roll one of the tapered bags up more to make it a smaller bag
  • Durable and lightweight;
  • Good balance of price point and function
  • Daisy chain nylon webbing to clip straps on for easy transport
  • Grommet for tie a cord to for pulley systems
  • Inflation hose for maximizing floatation and displacement once installed in place
  • Our most popular bags for Skin On Frame (SOF) Kayak builders

Floatation Bag Dimensions:

195 cm (77”) long overall - deflated
187 cm (73.5") interior length overall - deflated
65 cm wide at top (25.5”)
16.5 cm wide at bottom (6.5”)

In-use dimensions range approximately from...
(48-64") long
(12-17") wide
(4-8") tall

As an alternative, we have the upgraded 40L Expedition Gear Floatation bags available.  

We also have an inventory clearance sale on Seattle Sports Kayak Floatation Bag Sets at an "internet best" price!

Note that each TRAK kayak comes with two identical bags, one for bow section in front of the foot pegs and one for stern section behind the seat

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