TRAK 2.0 - Hydraulic Jack (Single)

$199 USD (Retail $199 USD) | Gen 2.0 Hydraulic Jacks (Individual)

Upgrade your TRAK with an individual Gen 2.0 Hydraulic Jack


  • Re-engineered with 7000 Series Aluminum, to reduce weight and improve durability
  • Each newly designed hydraulic jack is 0.75 lbs lighter than the previous generation TPS Hydraulic Jack

For the TRAK 2.0 project, we requested feedback from hundreds of TRAK owners, and with that feedback, we designed, developed and refined our Gen 2.0 Hydraulic Jacks to improve reliability and reduce weight. 

As a TRAK owner, you will get increased reliability and reduced weight, to improve your TRAK experience.

Order now. Ships directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

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