Meet Francine

August 21, 2020

Meet Francine


"Empty your mind, shift to a 'Blue mind'. Be formless, shapeless - like water. Be water. Love the water in you, in others, and all around you. Be good stewards of Water. Water = Wellness. Wellness = Water."

— Francine


Meet Francine. Francine is a TRAK paddler who really embodies "life unleashed!" As a 2-plus decade professional in healing arts and a hard core outdoor enthusiast, Francine has recently really taken on paddling and the pursuit of water adventuring in a truly compelling way. To level up her skills and confidence, she has taken on many aspects of what TRAK has to offer, including attending a couple of skills camps, plugging into the TRAK community of paddlers, and also recently completing our Sea Kayak Skills Accelerator program. The past year of training and preparation culminated in a paddle from the Kootenay River into a multi-day trip on the lake it flows into. 

These are her words about her recent solo kayaking expedition.


"This was my first TRAK kayak solo camping expedition on magnificent Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada where I paddled around 100 km in 4 days. Absolutely stunning with barely any trace of humans. I left right from my home and headed on the West side of the South arm paddling an average of 6 hours a day, into the big blue.


A vision quest, an adventure, and meditation in action. I really focused on breathing deep, being present and getting out of my head to be more in my heart space. I invited the elements to guide me instead of relying only on maps and the result was truly magical. I unleashed, unplugged, and re-set. I gave my nervous system a break from all man-made external stimulation to just BE with what is real: water and the elements.


I am transformed by this experience.

There were some rough times but worth every paddle stroke. I feel closer than ever to water with a new appreciation and respect for water, Kootenay Lake, and the TRAK team.


In a perfect world, our waters run healthy, clean, and free. Our planet’s waters are worth fighting for, risking everything for, and standing up for.

Fall more deeply in love with water in all its shapes, colours & forms. Let it heal you and make you a better and stronger version of yourself. Being fully immersed in water can heal you. It is so simple that the idea is so easily ignored.

You need water and water needs you. You are water.



Take care of water and it will take care of you. Get in the water. Walk along the water. Move across its surface. Get under it. Leap into it. Listen to it. Drink wild water. Thank your water. Pray for clean, beautiful water that should be accessible to everyone. Water to love, cherish, care and protect. I wish you water."


Maximum Blessings,



Francine was our recent guest on our Wellness = Water series! Sign up below to see this episode:


Episode 4: "Reflecting & Going Deeper"
Date: Friday, August 28, 2020 Time: 11:30am Pacific (12:30pm MST Calgary)
Host: Nicholas Jones
Guests: Nolin Veillard and Francine Petit - Panel Discussion




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