RSVP for Facebook Live Q&A with Nolin Veillard

November 13, 2018

RSVP for Facebook Live Q&A with Nolin Veillard


Join TRAK’s founder and managing director Nolin Veillard to provide detailed information and updates for backers and pre-order customers of the TRAK 2.0.

In this live event, participants will have submitted questions in advance and will be able to ask questions live. All backers and friends of TRAK are welcome to participate to learn more about the research and development, supply chain management and manufacturing process of the Ultimate Touring Kayak.

We are excited to host this event in appreciation of all backers and champions of TRAK's latest innovations and keep everyone informed of the process. 

We also invite you to attend a "Cyber Demo" open to the general public on Nov 24. This is for anyone that wants to see a TRAK 2.0 "virtually" up close and personal, prior to deliveries.

Here's how you can join the conversation and make the first step toward getting to know more about your TRAK 2.0: 

Where to watch

RSVP here to be notified, and then on Nov. 17, visit


Submit Questions in Advance

If you'd like to submit your question in advance, please email We will do our best to answer as many questions as we can during the Live Q&A, but will be sure to address your question after the event, if we don't get to it.


When to tune in

Saturday Nov. 17 @ 11 am Mountain Time / 1 pm ET


What to expect

Coming from the source of company, the TRAK 2.0 creator and founder will answer questions from the community, share some new product details, and will cover details related to the production and logistical considerations for fulfillment of the TRAK 2.0 kayaks and related accessories in early 2019.  

Who will be there?

TRAK’s founder and managing director Nolin Veillard and the support team from TRAK kayaks as well as friends, supporters and champions of TRAK from around the world.

Why we are taking this time to connect with you

Knowledge is power. We want you to understand the issues at hand, make sure that your concerns are addressed, and more accurately plan for your 2019 paddling year. The problems we have encountered have impacted delivery timelines and corresponding confidence from you as a community. We are at a turning point, and we want you to be prepared for what's to come.

The opportunity that now exists is the ability to plan around highly probable delivery timelines and to jump on opportunities to get familiar with your boat and the story behind it.

TRAK offers a number of pathways for you to get involved. Next week we are hosting a "Cyber Demo" open to the general public, on Saturday, Nov 24. This is for anyone that wants to see a TRAK 2.0. Join us and invite your friends and paddling community. Discovery Days will be announced in central locations to get some hands on coaching with your boat while meeting up with other TRAK owners. Your kayak comes with access to on online learning platform to help orient you toward boat familiarization and best practices.

RSVP at our Facebook Event page for the Live Q&A, and stay tuned for more information about the Cyber Demo the week following.


Ready to dive in?

Get on the InsideTRAK for access to stories & beta from the field, upcoming camps & tours, test paddle opportunities and our online skills training program. We also give away a TRAK 60L Drybag Backpack to one lucky subscriber each month!


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