TRAK Unleashed: Panama

October 16, 2013


Jaime Sharp and Allie Carroll set off on an interesting trip to an island in Panama back in the winter of 2012. This marked the first time that Allie had ever paddled a loaded folded kayak. They did 12 days.

Here is their story!

As written on World Wild Adventurer’s blog:

Tonight a coconut fell from a palm tree and landed with a thwack right between us, and ©WWA-3888there was only about a foot of space between us, the coconut even bounced onto my foot. That was a good sobering reminder of how dangerous falling coconuts can be, the hard small green air to surface missile could have hurt one of us severely. At this point we stopped trying to tie up the solar shower in that particular place and looked elsewhere.

We had a slow lazy start to the morning today, enjoying our non-sandy beach. We swam in the sea, bathed in the creek and ate pancakes for breakfast. Now only a mere 6KNM from completing our circumnavigation of Isla Coiba, we were in no rush to get there.

See the full story HERE on World Wild Adventurer’s blog

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