Transform Adventure

Unleash Life

Wherever in the world

There's water



A shape-shifting engine – the only boat in the world that changes shape to perform in flat or moving water.





“It's a freakin' Transformer!” 



“It’s truly the only boat you need.”



“Keeps up with a hard-shell kayak in speed and performance.” 



“Beginners will dig this easy-to-use system; experts will have a field day.”






Surveying the remote Portland Canal in Alaska, only accessible by floatplane – made possible by TRAK sea kayaks.



Paddling 4,000 km down the Amur River from Mongolia to Russia – made possible by TRAK sea kayaks. 

Skin on Bone

Inuit Pedigree



Turns and cuts like a short boat or tracks straight like a long boat 



Pack it with you anywhere and bus it, drive it, fly it, sail it, bike it or roll it



Open, unzip, shake out, skin on, jack up and on the water in 10 minutes 


Performance Packed

Portability Perfected


Welcome to TRAK Kayaks


1. FRAMED: Aerospace aluminum, corrosion-resistant on tough urethane ribs

2. JACKED: Patented Tri-active Performance System™ for shape-changing on the fly 

3. SKINNED: Military-grade polyurethane skin - only one puncture reported in 8 years

4. PACKED: OGIO®-designed, wheeled travel pack for go-anywhere portability

Inside TRAK

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VIDEO: Protecting Our Remote Wildernesses With TRAK Kayaks

December 22, 2014

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