Expedition: Earth Day

April 22, 2022

Expedition: Earth Day


We completed four expeditions while you weren't looking!


TRAK Pilots have been leading the charge across three  different oceans, within three  different seas, crossing numerous borders, all on the mission of delivering 'Life Unleashed' experiences to paddlers who were ready to get back out there!

We've wrapped up four international expeditions so far this year, and there are over a dozen expeditions, trips, and camps yet to come before the end of 2022. Let's take a moment to toast the adventures we had so far, and give kudos to our TRAK Pilot Ambassadors who helped make it all happen!


Inaugural Arctic Norway Cruises

Back-to-back sailings out of Tromsø, Norway was a killer way to inaugurate a new tour route! Paddlers boarded the S/V Rembrandt van Rijn in the "Paris of the North" for the Arctic adventure of a lifetime, enjoying sea kayaking, snow-shoeing, hiking, and all of the pleasures that a polar-outfitted schooner can provide!

TRAK Pilots Jeff & Kathy, Julien, and Michael loaned their knowledge of the TRAK 2.0 and years of leadership on the water to ensure that paddlers were well-guided in the Norwegian Sea. Navigating icebergs and fjords along this new tour route, TRAK paddlers were able to kayak where none ever had before!

“The experience aboard the S/V Rembrandt was incredible.  The scenery and the entire experience in Northern Norway was breathtaking.” – Jeff & Kathy Schmidt 

 Sail the highest seas on upcoming 2023 tour dates!

Photos courtesy of: Julien Burrelier @VoyageKayak , Adam Burke @OceanwideExpeditions 


5th Annual Baja Expedition


It seems like yesterday that TRAK hosted  its first international tour ever - Loreto, Baja, Mexico, has been calling us back every year since! Well, as the universe would have it, the 5th annual Baja trip actually led to a number of firsts, such as the first ever sea kayak expedition (for a special young man) - way to go, Jacob! It was also the first time TRAK Pilot Victor assumed assistant guide duties.



What makes the Baja trip special is its full-immersion curriculum into a moving sea kayak expedition. Participants are involved at every step, and learn the skills needed to complete a real expedition from A -> Z. This is not a pony ride, but an empowering and unleashing experience where paddlers can expect real breakthroughs in their on-water skills, planning and navigation chops, as well as best practices for LNT camping in a delicate ecosystem. 

It is hard to top the amazing Sea of Cortez for its stunning desert biome, camp tacos, and warm water paddling. Here's to another 5 years!

 Photos courtesy of: Hans Trupp, TRAK Kayaks 


Dominica Scouting Trip

Part of being a TRAK Pilot means leading the way for other TRAK paddlers - whether that means guiding a group through a challenging passage, showcasing skills for them to try during a clinic, or to blaze the trail on a brand new expedition. 

In service of the latter, three Canadian TRAK Pilots made their way to Dominica, a true gem in the Caribbean Sea, to scout and test the curriculum of an upcoming series of trip dates for May and June this season! Hosted by Dominican Pilot Wes Moses and his crew, the Canadian Pilots explored the beautiful coastal waters of Dominica, caught some great surf, and experienced the local culture of this oft-overlooked island in the Windward chain.



What made this a special TRAK trip was that it really centered around Pilots teaching Pilots. The Canadian contingent was imparting their knowledge of the TRAK 2.0 kayak to Weston & his Dominican crew, and the local crew gave the Canadians an immersive and unforgettable introduction to Dominica, her people, and her waters. 

Perks of the role, indeed!



When Sandy Gibson was asked what he'd say about the trip, he responded not with words but with sound. The above field recording is what greeted Sandy each morning from the incredible Soufriere guesthouse. 

Photos courtesy of: Weston Moses @SoufriereGuesthouse


Earth Day was designated as Friday, April 22nd. Our Earth is about 71% covered in water - take some time to explore or enjoy the water around you. Go paddle a kayak, harvest some crabs with your friends, or just enjoy a nice walk near your local lake or river. 


TRAK offers immense gratitude to the following TRAK Pilots & Partners:

  • Victor Chabot & Michelle Mackenzie - Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Julien Burellier, Marseille - France
  • Sandy Gibson - Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Weston Moses, Kerry Alleyne & crew - Soufriere, Dominica
  • Jeff & Kathy Schmidt - Chicago, IL, USA 
  • Eder Arreola -Baja California, Mexico
  • Michael Radermacher - Aldenhoven, Germany
  • Adam Burke of Oceanwide Expeditions & the crew of the S/V Rembrandt van Rijn, Tromsø, Norway


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