Skills Progression Camp - Soufriere, Dominica: January 7-14 2023

Join TRAK as we invite paddlers of all levels to our skills progression camp on the island of Dominica, a truly overlooked gem in the Caribbean sea. 

It will be an adventurous-yet relaxing trip lead by experienced TRAK Pilots to pristine warm water locations - all based from a colonial guesthouse with comfortable amenities. 

This adventure runs from January 7 - 14, 2023.

We’ll be meeting in Soufriere, Dominica
  • Location:Soufriere Guesthouse, Soufriere, Dominica
  • Duration: 7 Days 6 Nights
  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels

    What we're going to do

    This camp is coordinated and delivered by a team of TRAK Pilots. These folks are experts with their TRAK kayaks, and are also qualified instructors and experienced in the outdoors. They have prepared a number of skills-focused topics that you can learn about and practice, such as:

    • Paddling skills & Boat control 
    • Kayak safety & Rescues
    • Navigation
    • Local cultural engagement 
    • Leave No Trace principles for sustainable adventure
    • Enjoying the warm Caribbean environment!

    There is something here for every paddler, are our primary goal is to get you more familiar with your TRAK kayak, a foundational skillset, and the confidence to plan and accomplish your own personal expeditions. 


    Tour Itinerary

    Expedition Training Plan:

    • DAY 1:  Flat water skills, Welcome to Dominica Paddle and Snorkel
    • TRAK Kayak Assembly + Packing Walkthrough
    • Pod management briefing
    • Welcome to Dominica paddle and snorkel: a full day of paddling, practicing strokes, edging, and snorkeling


    • DAY 2: Intro to rough waters, rescues in the channel.
    • Kayak into Martinique Channel and east towards the Atlantic
    • Boat control + propulsive practice in sea conditions
    • Lunch hike up to Scotts Head, snorkeling at Scotts Head,
    • Kayak back to Soufriere

    • DAY 3: Flat water paddling/work on strokes. Land excursions plus culture
    • Paddle skills work on a freshwater lake
    • Travel into to learn about Maroon communities in Dominica
    • Trafalgar Falls hike + natural hot springs
    • Return to Soufriere. 

    • DAY 4: Light surf skills + local culture
    • Kayak down Layou River
    • Practice surf at the mouth of the river
    • Paddle north to Salisbury and snorkeling + lunch
    • Stop at Dominica Museum + visit local market on way back to Soufriere


    • Day 5: Open coastal skills on the Atlantic Coast
    • Weather permitting, drive to an East coast location
    • Brief and test open coastal skills
    • TRAK decommissioning + packing for travel 
    • Return to Soufriere for farewell supper, closing ceremony


    • Day 6: Community Day: more kayaking, optional local trips. (TRAK decommissioning + packing for travel) 
    • Morning: Skills Review
    • Community Outreach; Kayak with local youth
      • Paddle Boarding, demo other kayaks
      • Explore Soufriere Bay and/or the Channel on your own by kayak
      • Snorkel at Soufriere Pinnacle and Bubble Beach
      • Hike the Galleon Loop or Hike Segment One of the Waitukubli trail
    • Dinner: Roast Seafood at the Outdoor Centre
    • Closing bonfire at the Outdoor Centre

    • Day 7: Depart
      • Breakfast at the Guesthouse & Goodbyes

    Meet Your Guide

    Weston Moses

    TRAK Pilot Weston Moses believes that Dominica is a paradise for sea kayakers looking for an authentic Caribbean experience that engages local guides in a setting less focused on conspicuous consumption and intoxication, and more on building a genuine connection to the sea and between people. Unleashed vitality is just a side-effect!

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    Chelsea Josue

    “It was very exciting to be around such a culture of people and find myself on the open waters of the wild pacific coast with such an inviting and welcoming group, in these amazing high-performance kayaks. Never in my wildest dreams would those few basic skills that we learned on the first day, would progress to where we went today.”

    Chelsea Josue

    Natalie Kelly

    “That was really fun. He just broke it down… It’s funny when you have someone take the time to go through things that might be natural. He broke down the surf process into little bitty pieces that made me way more comfortable. I would have never just dove in and done that on my own.”

    Natalie Kelly

    Where we're going 

    What's included in the tour

    • All-inclusive Guesthouse accommodations
    • Airport Shuttle to Soufriere Guesthouse, and return at the end
    • Three meals a day including hot drinks + snacks.
    • Basic paddling gear (Paddle, PFD, Bilge Pump, Paddle Float, etc.)
    • Skills-training equipment & materials
    • All coaching and instruction.

    Not included

    • Transport into and out of Dominica
    • Items of a personal nature
    • Gratuities
    JAN 2023

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