Special A&D: 2x TRAK Quadra 4pc Paddle by Nimbus

The QUADRA is named after the island on which it is built, and is proudly 100% handmade on the West Coast of Canada by Nimbus Paddles, who have been designing and building premium light-weight kayak paddles since 1973. 

A midsize blade ideal for paddlers of all builds, and is a touring paddle that feels at home in most kayaking conditions. It's been dubbed "the performance paddle you're not afraid to use". Watch video testimony from our Sept 2020 skills camp in Tofino.

Its shape lends itself well to both high and low angle paddlers; so whether your paddling involves long windy days, or punching through rough waves and weather, the Quadra has you covered. Its construction uses a mix of fine and durable fiberglass weaves, ensuring a strong, reliable, and quality fit and finish.

The fine tuned dihedral power-face eliminates flutter, reducing fatigue in your hands.

The Quadra comes as a straight shaft, which has an ovalled grip for a more comfortable feel. The ferrule is a 3 hole snap-button design, allowing the paddler to switch from flat (0°) to feathered (60° right or left). No moving parts to clog or fail; simple and strong.

The snap-button system is carried over to the 4 piece design, making the assembly and breakdown, fast, easy, and durable.

Disassembled, the Quadra can easily fit into your TRAK Rolling Travel bag or carry-on luggage.

• Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada
• Construction uses a mix of fine and durable fibreglass weaves, ensuring a strong, reliable, and quality fit and finish. construction
• Assembly & breakdown, fast, easy, and durable
• Straight shaft
• Matt finish makes it look and feel stunning
• Ovalled grip for a more comfortable feel

 Technical Specifications:

• Weight (based on 220cm paddle): 820g (29 oz.)
• Blade dimensions: 46cm (18") long X 17cm (6 3/4") wide
• Blade surface area: 618cm (96") approx.
• Length: 205cm to 220cm
• Length disassembled: 65cm to 75cm (depending on length)

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