Expedition Gear Bag System (Set of 3)

Expedition-Grade Gear Bag System (Set of 3)

These three bags combine to create an integrated storage system and enable a modular approach to expedition gear storage, diversifying your options for strategic packing

  • 2x Gear Floatation Bags (40L each) with impermeable zipper, modular for ease of storage and accessibility
  • 1x 60L Drybag backpack with impermeable zipper, for above and/or below deck storage
  • Lash points along seems for outfitting and securing to frame and on the deck

The floatation bags are made of a thicker, stronger material than our standard gear flotation system and can be counted on to keep your gear dry and your kayak afloat thanks to their T-ZIP impermeable zippers. The 60L Drybag Backpack is a versatile option for above and below deck storage, with convenient back straps for off-water transportation. 

In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

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