TRAK Explores the Salish Sea

April 08, 2021

TRAK Explores the Salish Sea


TRAK team members Cole and Jason take their TRAK kayaks out for their first official paddle since the company moved its headquarters from Airdrie, Alberta to Nanaimo, BC!

TRAK explores the Salish Sea! We tag along for the day as Cole and Jason explore the local region of Nanaimo and Gabriola Island in British Columbia.


** Stay tuned for the Instagram Story reel where you'll get to see the day unfold. **


21st Century Kayak Storage - Cole & Jason have their TRAK's packed and all of their safety gear ready to go!



Time to check in on the BC Transit system - portability is a superior feature! Hard to believe we just wheeled two sea kayaks onto the bus!



The TRAK is always a great conversation piece!


Crossing from Protection Island to Gabriola Island - beautiful conditions!


Disassembling our kayaks back into their rolling travel bags.



Adventure is in the bag! Walking off the BC ferry! Always great to finish the day off with a cold beer from your local brewery!



Route on Google Maps:



About our New TRAK Global Headquarters in Nanaimo, BC:


The new TRAK HQ Campus is more than our daily workspace - it will function  now as a launchpad for paddling experiences all over Vancouver Island. Whether you're arriving on the Island to join our flagship Pacific Rim Camp, or you're stopping by on your way to your own paddling adventures, we have an open-door policy for all paddlers. Join us in Nanaimo before joining a skills camp, to test the TRAK 2.0, or to just drop by for a coffee! 



This major transition for TRAK is lockstep with our current production run of creating over 800 kayaks in 2021. Our focus is unwaveringly on closing the gap on the time it takes to deliver a kayak to you - we don't need to get into what struggles 2020 brought to the table, but we do need to point out that we are in production. Our factory staff are busy with over 2.5 kilometers of our special hull material, impeccably creating each TRAK hull to be ready for paddlers worldwide. 

Our global team of Pilot Ambassadors are also gearing up for a busy year of sea trials and test paddles - have you ever seen our TRAK 2.0 in the wild?

We invite you to visit our new headquarters in Nanaimo, BC and test the TRAK 2.0 kayakSimply fill out this short sign up form and we'll be in direct contact with you right away.




For more information about visiting beautiful British Columbia, please check out:

Tourism Nanaimo

Destination British Columbia - Central Vancouver Island

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