Paddling Power-Couples of TRAK

March 24, 2022

Paddling Power-Couples of TRAK


The TRAK community is brimming with kayaking power-couples! From many different backgrounds, and each with their own reasons for paddling together, these paddlers all share a love for spending time on the water with their significant others. 

Some of these couples use paddling as a way to take time off from their careers to rejuvenate and strengthen their bonds, while other TRAK paddlers have made kayaking their careers as guides, instructors, and photographers. There are too many couples to list in one single blog - we’re sharing about some that have had great experiences in their TRAK kayaks over the years.


Braden and Claire, Adventurers - Colorado, USA

Braden and Claire have been paddling their TRAKs since 2018, and used them to access remote communities in Nicaragua in order to provide frontline medical care for water-accessible villages. When they’re not making the world a better place, they can be found TRAK’n in Alaska and around their home turf in Colorado, USA.

See the amazing photos Braden took of their Nicaraguan expedition here.


JP & Irene, TRAK Pilots, Ontario, Canada



JP and Irene are Xplordinary! Xplordinary is about “exploring the ordinary”, gaining new experiences, and living life mostly from their kayaks. They’ve paddled across Canada, consulted on finalizing our TRAK 2.0 designs, and have paid it forward by helping to lead TRAK camps, introducing many new paddlers to the sport with a friendly first experience.

Paddling their boats since 2015, these are not your ordinary TRAK Pilots!


Jeff & Kathy, TRAK Pilot Leaders, Illinois, USA

The Schmidts are living their best lives as grandparents, accomplished paddlers, travel enthusiasts, and TRAK community leaders. They've won the game, and now get to spend their time exploring by paddle and on skis. Never shy to pay it forward in the TRAK community, they've led expeditions in Palawan, Baja, and now (as this blog goes live) in Arctic Norway!

They've recently shared the secrets to their success on our Zoom Away Blue Friday podcast.


Peter & Nathalie, Adventurers, Wien, Austria

In their words: "Passionate adventure is the source from which man draws the strength to face life. We feel joy when we have new experiences, and therefore there is no greater happiness than to be able to gaze into an ever-changing horizon, where every day dawns with a new, completely different sun." 

This rockstar couple from Austria have been exploring the world with their TRAK kayaks since 2012, and are stepping back from their innovative medical practice to become full time Overland and Overwater explorers in 2022. They have a knack for pushing the limits - check them out at Sea2Summit.AT and feel the awe of their accomplishments!


Sophie & Ewan, Professionals, Australia + Antarctica 

Hailing from New Zealand and Tasmania, respectively, these antipodal explorers have forged a strong bond as working guides in some of the world's top-level adventure programs. They push the envelope on their personal trips as well, using their TRAKs to explore remote parts of the Solomon Islands.

Their film ICEolation is a major accomplishment in sea kayak filmmaking - a document of a self-supported Antarctic expedition that is now available to watch on Vimeo on Demand.


Victor & Michelle, TRAK Pilots, Alberta, Canada


When Victor and Michelle met Jason at the old TRAK HQ in Airdrie, nobody really knew where things might wind up. With little experience, Victor and Michelle took on their skills development with open minds and the drive to progress as paddlers. Having paddled with the TRAK team on 2/3 of Canada's great coastlines now, they're an inspirational example of what a couple can experience together when they share a passion for learning and exploring.

As this blog goes live, Victor is leading TRAK’s 5th annual Baja expedition out of Loreto on the Gulf of California, Mexico.


Matt & Angela, Professionals, Vancouver Island + Worldwide


Meet Expedition Engineering! Matt and Angela are leading some of the most amazing trips possible, hand-engineering multi-element expeditions that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. The Engineers use their TRAK kayaks to scout remote routes for their trips, and they love surfing close to home on Vancouver Island in their off-time. Matt & Angela were guest instructors at TRAK's 2020 Pacific Rim Surf Camp, where they lent their laid-back energy and unique combined skillset to the skills-progression program. 

What are you waiting for? Go to Expedition Engineering and have the adventure of your life.



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