November 24, 2021



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We're moved by water. We honor water and the traditions which surround it. So this Friday we're turning black to BLUE. Let’s take time to create with and celebrate water.


TRAK Kayaks is rejecting the black, and celebrating the BLUE this Friday, November 26th. Every #BlueFriday we actually close our office and give our team the day to spend time around water. Consider joining us - go for a paddle, walk along a beach or a river, have a bath, or just find a place to swim or soak in nature!  



Why Blue Friday?

Water is life. We are made of over 70% water, and Earth is covered by about the same amount. It’s the lifeblood of our bodies and our planet. Spending time on, in, or around water is therapeutic. On #BlueFriday, we encourage people to spend time around water. Go for a paddle, walk along a beach or a river, have a bath, or just find a place to swim or soak in nature. 



Our gift to you this Blue Friday, an Ode to Water:



I am water
The origin of life,
I stir within you
As you tread within me

You were born to float,
to dive, to sail,
and drink
You were born to share me

I am water, and I'm
everywhere beneath your feet
and above your head
leaving comet tails among the stars

You build vessels
to hold me, and to be held up by me;
I carried you to the far shores
of adventure and discovery

Be a proud wellspring,
be a source for others,
be as though I have been;
Indomitable and free  


I care for the water on this planet! How can I do something to help?

Earth's water resources face numerous threats: pollution, reckless waste, and increasing privatization to name a few. Many species call the water home, and all life is dependent on a healthy and unrestricted hydrologic cycle. These challenges are daunting, and too big for one person to tackle alone. 

You can help by fostering a relationship with water, and learning to care for its use in sustainable ways. Your efforts will spread by example, and others will feel inspired to follow your lead. For the love of water, amplify your voice using waterkeeping hashtags like #BlueFriday, #BlueFriday2021, #LifeUnleahed, #Flow#WaterKeepers, #Water, #Ocean.


"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." — Baba Dioum, 1968.


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