Our TRAK video library has been produced to educate, entertain, and inspire people with an interest in TRAK and in adventure kayaking. From 2010 to 2014, the TRAK Files video project and series was produced to put the TRAK kayak through its paces, and test its limits. Much of this work has led to the introduction of TRAK 2.0, the Ultimate Touring Kayak in 2017-18. Stay tuned for updates as we receive media from our Test Expeditions for TRAK 2.0, later in 2017. Update June 2017: check out the Inside TRAK Blog page for the latest on testing events.


TRAK Kayak Meets the Skookumchuck Standing Wave



TRAK Files Episode 1: Bag, Boat, Freedom (Intro)




TRAK Files Episode 2: Off TRAK Rescues (Safety)



TRAK Files Episode 3: On a Roll with TRAK (Rolling)



TRAK Files Episode 4-1: Multi Day TRAK'n Part 1 (Multi-day Trips)



TRAK Files Episode 4-2: Multi Day TRAK'n Part 2 (Multi-day Trips)



TRAK Files Episode 5: International TRAK'packing (Travel)



TRAK Files Episode 6: Jacked on TRAK Performance and Durability



Tested by Adventure Kayak Magazine – a recent video review of the TRAK explores its simplicity, function and "do-it-all design".



Tested in the remote Portland Canal in Alaska, only accessible by floatplane – made possible by TRAK sea kayaks.



Set-up and Pack-up Videos